The CAJ Online Teamwear Store is now open until October 31 @ 11:59pm! 

Click Here


Notes for ordering:

  • Please ensure you go in and order your free team t-shirt (included with your registration).  These are free, but you do need to go in and order them yourselves.  The team will not order them for swimmers.  Please ensure you have accurately spelled your swimmer's first name in the box provided, which will go on the back of their shirts.
  • With swimmers coming out of the pool quickly this year, take a peak at the CAJ toques or Speedo Parkas - which are easy to put on over swimsuits and may save your winter jackets from being wet and smelling like chlorine!!
  • As always, for bathing suits, goggles and swim caps, please email the Equipment Manager at [email protected] or download and email the Order Form.