HOBC Results - May 5th

CAJ Registrar

Congratulations to the CAJ swimmers who competed on May 5th against the Brantford Aquatic Club at the Windsor Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre in Brantford.  Special honours go to Aleisha Hunter, Michie Kenny, Ainsley Murdoch, Noah Peters and Holly Richer who earned 1st place in all four of their events.


Also placing in the top three with:

Three 1st and a 2nd: Owen Inglis, Emily Valerio

Three 1st: Liam Bassin, Llyam Kenny

Two 1st, a 2nd and 3rd: Luci Lane

Two 1st and a 2nd: Maddock Harrison, Mikayla Heeley, Marley Pedersen, Leah Van Ry

Two 1st and two 2nd: Jeremy Krebsz, Michael Webster, Blake Masterson

Two 1st and a 3rd: Lily Dixon, Paige Fitzpatrick

Two 1st: Alyssa Chovaz

1st and three 2nd: Grace, Dobbie, Peyton Brazil

1st, two 2nd and a 3rd: Rhein Bullock, Alicia Lazar, Saeed Rasheed

1st and two 2nd: Kayleigh Scheidl

1st, 2nd and 3rd: Ciara Caron, Kaiden Kassam, Ava Pierson, Darius Trapsa

1st and 2nd: Andreea Cotor, Kyra McIntyre

1st and three 3rd: Matthew Brazil, Owen Martin

1st and two 3rd: Sophia Valerio

1st and 3rd: Evan Johnson

1st: Ariel Heeley

Four 2nd: Ryan Brazil

Two 2nd and two 3rd: Aisha McIntyre

Two 2nd and a 3rd: Madalyn Dagloria

Two 2nd: Caden Straus

2nd and Two 3rd: Cailyn Ammendolia

2nd and 3rd: Ayla Ashley, Hannah Hammill, Maia Montanaro, Aaron Pecaskie

2nd: Gloria Dietrich, Scotlynn King

Two 3rd:  Annika Graham, Ethan Hodgson, Alex Pecaskie, Samuel Shen, Maelle Wheeler

3rd:  Declan Bithell, Margaret Emary, Aislinn MacKenzie, Odie Pierson, James Priboj, Jacob Scheidl,