Volunteering is part of your swimmer's membership with the Club.  We require a number of volunteers throughout the year at hosted swim meets, as well as Bingo nights.

Each family must fulfill 3 volunteer commitments per swim season - once before the end of January and twice between February-May.  Failure to complete a volunteer commitment will result in a fee of $100 per missed commitment.  Only one parent needs to fulfill the commitment and only one commitment per family (not per swimmer) is required.

Swim Meets

Swim meets are essential to your swimmer's development and every swim meet we host requires 40-50 volunteers to run smoothly.  There are many different options and areas parents can volunteer at a swim meet, from being an official to helping with set-up/clean-up.  For more information on our Officials program, visit our Officials page.

Volunteers must sign-up online to volunteer for a swim meet.  This will be posted on our website a month or so before our hosted meet, with the various positions available to sign up for and the number of volunteers required for each position.  An email will be sent to notify parents when sign-up is open.


Bingo Nights

Bingo Nights are a fantastic fundraiser for the club and essential to keeping our fees low.  Our club has a min. 1 bingo session per month that we are assigned and must provide volunteers for.

To be a Bingo volunteer, you must complete the 90 minute training session provided by the Bingo Centre.  If you have completed this with another club, you do not need to complete the training again.  The Bingo Centre is located at 255 Elgin Street North, Cambridge.  Once you have completed the training, you will receive emails from the Club about dates available for volunteering.  Some are during the day and some are at night.  For more info on Bingo volunteering, you can email our bingo coordinator here