Our primary source of communication is our website


We encourage our members to visit the club website at least once a week as it is constantly being updated.


CCSC will send members notifications of news items and important information via email. Please make sure you check your emails. 




Coach & Board Communication - Contacting Coaching Staff & Board Members


Coaches & Board Members are available by email which is the preferred method in most cases.     



CCSC Coaches


Shane Downey - Head Coach                       

Joyce Downey - Assistant Head Coach        



CCSC Board Members


Chris Rhodes - President                                

Barb O'Connor - Vice President                    

Christina Schroeder - Registrar                     

Ian Paterson - Treasurer                                  

Andrew Fawcett - Equipment Manager       

Jan Abbott - Meet Manager                             

Wade Mitchell - Officials Coordinator          

Susan & Melanie - Fundraising                       

Cheryl Bedard - Social Coordinator              

Naomi Paterson - Secretary                             




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2. Swim Ontario website (

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