Our primary source of communication is our website


We encourage our members to visit the club website at least once a week as it is constantly being updated.


CCSC will send members notifications of news items and important information via email. Please make sure you check your emails. 


Our NEW club phone number is 705-351-2321. Please feel free to call or text us regarding your swimming inquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




Coach & Board Communication - Contacting Coaching Staff & Board Members


Coaches & Board Members are available by email which is the preferred method in most cases.     



CCSC Coaches


Shane Downey - Head Coach                                 [email protected]

Joyce Downey - Assistant Head Coach                 [email protected] 



CCSC Board of Directors


Naomi Paterson - President                                      [email protected]

Christina Schroeder - Registrar                               [email protected]

Ian Paterson - Treasurer                                           [email protected]

Jan Abbott - Meet Manager                                      [email protected]

Marianna Knights - Officials Coordinator             [email protected]

Carolyn Wells - Fundraising                                     [email protected]

Corey Spracklin - Member at Large                         [email protected]

Dawn McCrank - Secretary                                        [email protected]




For information please see:


1. Our website (

2. Swim Ontario website (

3. Swimming Canada website (

4. SwimSwam (

5. FINA (