2021 Ontario Open Water Festival Series - Gull Lake

Shane Downey

2021 Ontario Open Water Festival Series
Gull Lake, Gravenhurst, Ontario
Saturday July 24th, 2021

On Saturday July 24th, CCSC had 7 swimmers compete in the 2021 Ontario Open Water Festival Series at Gull Lake. Each swimmer competed in the 2KM individual race as well as the 4X500M relay races. This was CCSC’s first official swimming competition since March 2020, and it was great to have our swimmers competing once again. Having this official competition is a fantastic sign for what is to come for future competitions. The weather was hit and miss, but the swimmers, parents and coaches made the best of the situation. We are very proud of all of our swimmers for completing their first open water 2KM race, overcoming their fears of deep water and fish as well as finishing the race under the 1-hour event time standard. Please see below for our CCSC swimmers 2KM times, well done everyone!


Maggie Rhodes – 31:43.20

Matthew Schroeder – 33:53.60

Orlaina Fernandes – 39:14.20

Liam Paterson – 40:04.10

Dani Schroeder – 41:07.70

Megan Black – 44:39.10

Ashley Blakey – 53:35.80