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2021 - 2024 National Time Standards and Trials



Swim BC Provincial Time  Standards 

  2020-2025 Swim BC Time Standards (Old Version for reference only) 01/29/22

Provincial Time Standards (New version) 01/29/22

Vancouver Coastal Divisional Standards (new version) 01/29/22 


Vancouver Coastal Divisional Standards  (old version for reference only) 01/29/22      /cancdsc/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/2021-22-divisional-time-standards-vancouver-coastal_057073.pdf



Swim BC Time Standards

Swim BC Time Standards are based on results and rankings of BC swimmers, and are derived from a formula agreed by SwimBC's Provincial Coach and the competitive commitee. 

Swimming Canada Standards

Swimming Canada also reviews time standards each year, and some years significant changes are made to not only the times, but also the qualification for some of the SNC designated meets.

New standards are a reflection of the improvements in the depth of Canadian swimming that has occurred since the previous standards were set; therefore, a big congratulations needs to go out to the swimmers and coaches on their hard work and improvements that we are seeing in the sport.