COBRA Bingo is an important part of our Fundraising activities; however, participation is completely voluntary.  Families who volunteer are reimbursed the following amount(s) into their account: $75 for a full shift and $35 for a half shift.
Please remember to sign the attendance form provided by the Bingo Captain so the office can credit your account accordingly.  

Please arrive at the Bingo hall at:
•    5:30 PM for 6:45 PM Bingo
•    8:30 PM for 9:45 PM Bingo
•    10:45 PM for 1:00AM Bingo

Bingo Coordinator - Kim Molella ([email protected])

Kim should be contacted for the following:
•    Scheduling of training / shadowing to become a COBRA Bingo volunteer
•    Swapping of shifts between Bingo volunteers
•    Unable to attend your scheduled Bingo session (as a substitute will need to be found)
•    Any other Bingo related questions





Bingo Schedule