Meet Schedule

Meet packages for all meets are available on the Swim Canada website. Meet packages contain lots of useful information such as meet location, warm up and start times, events, rules and sometimes hotel information. It is a good idea to download a meet package for each meet you are attending and become familiar with the meet.

Downloading a Meet Package
Once on the Swim Canada website click ‘Upcoming Meets’, select the month and toggle through the filters. Click the date listed under the ‘Pkg’ column to download the meet package. If there is no date in this column that means the meet package is not available yet, come back later. TIP: when toggling through the filters be patient, pages are slower to reload.

Scratch / Change Deadline Procedure Regarding Scheduled Competitions
Families are required to inform their coaches of any scratches or changes 14 days prior to the first scheduled day of competitions indicated on our meet calendar. Please inform your coach by email within that time period or earlier should you be unable to participate or need to make changes. Please Note: Entry fees will be charged if you have not informed the club within the specified time frame.


2021 / 2022 Season Meet Schedule