Calgary Patriots Mission - Principles - Values

Mission Statement

The Calgary Patriots is a competitive swim club dedicated to the overall development of individuals to their maximum potential.

Guiding Principles

We will strive to:

  • Provide provincial, national and international experiences to those individuals who possess the ability, willingness and commitment to the pursuit of excellence.
  • Offer safe, constructive, diverse, and rewarding experiences to all of our members.
  • Encourage positive character development.
  • Instill a lifelong love of the sport of swimming
  • Offer the best coaching and long term planning for the membership.


We value:

  • Commitment to the pursuit of excellence.
  • Dedication and hard work focused toward achieving individual and team goals.
  • Fun, friendship, and sportsmanship with honesty and fair-mindedness.
  • Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Responsible behaviour, independence, and adaptability.
  • Family support and parental involvement.