Patriot Event Schedule (2021-2022)

Updated: October 28th 2021

Bolded Meets are confirmed
Date Event Location Squads Level
Sept 7th Swimming Begins  Repsol, Glenmore, MRU All All
Sept 19th Team BBQ Edworthy Park All All
Oct 16th UCSC Fall Start-up Repsol Red & Above All
Oct 17th Halloween Howler ??? White & Green All
Oct 23-24th Canmore Pentathlon Canmore Grey & Black All
Oct 23 Squad Challenge Repsol Centre Red & Above All
Oct 29-31st CASC Speed Meet Repsol Center Black & Above Qualifiers (12&Over)
Nov 5-7th NCSA Fall Invitational Repsol Grey & Black, 11+U All
Nov 5-7th Jack Frost Invitational Seton Red & Above, 12+O Not at Spd Meet
Nov 19-21st KSC SC Invitational Repsol Center Red & Above, 12+O All
Nov 27th CP vs Riptide Dual Elevation Place Grey, Black & 11+U All
Dec 16-19th JP Fiset Inv. Edmonton Black & Above Qualifiers
Dec 20th-3rd Break     All Squads
Jan. 4th Back to regular practice     All Squads
Jan 21-23 CP Pugsley's Plunge Inv. Repsol Centre All All
Jan 29-30 Winter Festival South Calgary Area All Qualifiers
Feb 4-6 Maverick Madness Okotoks Green, White, Grey & Black All
Feb ???? Feb Meet ???? Red & Above Qualifiers
Feb ???? Feb Meet ???? Red & Above Non-Qualifiers
Mar 4-6 Invitational Sherwood Park Grey, Black & Red Not at Trials
Mar 5-6 Fundamental Meet ??? Green & White All
Mar 11-13 Provincial Trials ??? All Qualifiers
Mar 17-20 Provincials Champs ??? All Qualifiers
Mar 21-27 Spring Break      All Non Western & Trials Qualifiers
Mar 28 Regular practices begin   All All
Apr 6-10 Canadian Trials ??? All Qualifiers
Apr 21-24 Western Can Champs ??? All Qualifiers
Apr 25-1 Break   All Western and Trials Qualifiers
Apr 29-1 Chinook Invitational Repsol Center All All
May ??? KAJ Invitational Kelowna Brz, Silver & Gold All
May ??? May Meet ??? Black & Above All
May ??? Fundamental Meet Calgary Area White, Green & Grey All
Jun 3-5 CSI ??? Black & Above Qualifiers
Jun 10-12 Trex ??? Black & Above Non-Qualifiers
Jun 18-19 Summer Festival South ??? All Qualifiers
Jun 24-26 Steven Brown Memorial Repsol All Qualifiers - Not at Festival
Jul 8-10 UCSC Western Finale Calgary All Qualifiers
Jul 25-31 Can Jr & Sr Champs ??? All Qualifiers
Jul 28-31 Summer Provincials ??? All Qualifiers - Not at Can Champs