Meet Update

Kevin Coulman
Feb 6, 2019

Parents & Swimmers,

The meets this past weekend were a little long but theres was a big benefit in a number of swimmers making new standards.

We had...

1) Kiara Semeniuk and Avery Savin make new Provincial Cuts.

2) Tatjana Alaica, Jocelyn Evans and Anna Joseph make their second Champs Cut

3) Alex Lalonde qualified for Western Canadian Champs

4) To top it all off Julia Norman made a new club record in 10&Under 200 Fly with a time of 3:16.23.

At this point all swimmers currently qualified for Alberta Provincials have been updated on the Event Posting.  I made changes to the confirmed list of swimmers but there are a lot of people still pending.  We have nearly 50 qualified and currently only 37 confirmed.  If you are not going to meet then decline it.  If you are going, you have until February 11th to confirm.

The Champs List has been updated as well.  I have left swimmers not qualified on the list as they could qualify at Provincials by both winning or getting the couple of times they need.  For the swimmers currently confirmed, we do need to know your travel arrangements.  We have had a lot of new qualifiers but we still have less than we had at JP Fiset and we do need to decide if we are going to go ahead with Team Travel.  Also, if you haven't confirmed for the meet do it right away, so we can start on travel arrangements.  Even swimmers who aren't yet qualified should indicate their travel plans, if they do qualify.

Thank you.