September Calendars

Kevin Coulman

Hello Patriots,

It is coming to that time where the 2019-20 swim season will begin.  I have added the squad calendars to the website for September.  There are not many changes for September but below are a few to be aware of.

1) Gold and Silver do not start weekday morning sessions until September 16th.

2) Weight room dryland session for Gold and Silver will begin on the 9th.  Our dryland coach won't start until October.  More information on this later.

3) Terry Fox Run and BBQ is on Septmeber 15th.  More info later.

4) Squad Parent Meetings are tentatively scheduled for the weekend (Friday & Saturday) of 20th and 21st

5) No practices on the Friday and Saturday at the end of the month as all coaches will be at the Alberta Coaches Conference.

There will still be some changes as there always is but this should give everyone a pretty good framework.  While you are checking out the calendars, you can also see head over to the updated meet schedule page.