Shutdown April Update

Kevin Coulman

Hello Patriots,

I hope everyone is taking care to stay healthy over this past month.  I have been meeting with coaches regularly and we are using this as an opportunity to work on our coaching education and developing some challenging dryland sets.  I wanted to inform you on a bit of information going forward with the club.

  1. Pool Closures.

Currently all of pools are still closed and seem like they will stay that way for a while as most pools are working with a much smaller staff.I have no firm or speculative date on when any of them might open.If things do open before September we will provide options for all squads to train in some way probably similar to a summer training camp.We will have to spread the swimmers out a bit because even if facilities open we have a responsibility to limit the amount of swimmers that are at each session.

  1. Online workouts.

Squad coaches have been sending out dryland sessions and finding ways of communicating with swimmers to hold them accountable.We have been using Zoom, WhatsApp, Email, Phone Calls, and google forms.No matter which method your coach is using I urge you to reach out to your coach and make sure you are updating them on the swimmers plan.We are trying to get all swimmers on a daily routine and the coaches will be increasing their communication being sent out to facilitate this.

  1. Awards banquet.

It is likely we will not be able to hold our Awards Banquet in June like we normally do. We might have to push it to the fall and we also might have to change the format to limit numbers.The coaches are still completing all the awards in the normal time frame and everyone will receive their awards.

  1. Next year.

We are still planning to start next year in early September like we usually do.I am working on next year’s registration package.I hope we do receive a definitive date of opening within the next few months


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience,