Patriots May Update

Kevin Coulman

Hello Patriots,

It has been a while since I have updated all of you on some of our plans for the future.

  1. We should have a good idea what the return to the pool protocol will look like by the beginning of June.
  2. I am still hopeful we will try to offer something in July and August if pools open.  We will keep the groups small and will offer physical dryland and online dryland if swimming is an option.  We will continue to offer online dryland in July and August if the pools remain closed.
  3. We are going to do an online awards banquet.  We are targeting the end of June so that we can honour the award winners.  More information will come as it is made available.
  4. In July, we would like to hand out the physical awards to everyone so we will likely set up someplace outside where people can come and pick up awards and might get some interaction.
  5. We will be going ahead with registration for September as normal.  Registration will be in July and we will be prioritizing returning members as much as we can.  Registration package should be out shortly.
    1. Once the year starts we might have to lower the amount of swim workouts that everyone gets.
    2. We will try to keep everyone on their normal schedule and will supplement everyone’s swimming with physical dryland and online dryland.  We may also add morning workouts where we can for all squads.
    3. If people could let me know if they intend to come back or not at their convenience.  That would be helpful with setting up squads.
    4. We are adhering to our move up plan.  Before all of this happened I was going to reach out to families individually but have not done so.  I hope families understand that going into next year we do have to balance squads as best we can so one squad doesn’t have too many more than another.  I haven’t had to make major changes in our move up plan but that could all change once we see who is returning.

Thank you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Coach Kevin