Practices Start on Monday

Kevin Coulman

Hello Patriots,

Welcome to a new season.  I am excited to getting back to swimming.  It has been a good long while and the coaching staff is ready to get things going. 

Some squads and groups will be starting on Monday.  Seton sessions won't begin until a week after that.  I want everyone to remember to show up ten minutes early so that we can let you in at that time and with your suit on ready to go.  For swimmers at Repsol these are the doors you should use.

Training Pool Doors - Monday/Wednesday AM, Saturday & Sunday.
Comp Pool Doors - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday PM

I hope everyone understands the facility procedures but you should realize that information is being updated pretty regularily and there could be some changes throughout the year.

The first place all parents should go to often is the squad calendar page.  I updated the calendars yesterday and the group lists tonight.  You must use both to determine your schedule.  Workouts where all swimmers from a squad can attend are not added to the group list but are on the calendar, this is the reason there are no group lists for White and Green squad.

For the group lists I made a few changes but I am still not able to make everyone perfectly happy.  Hopefully, throughout the weeks we can make some changes.

The next form I want everyone to familiarize themselves with is the Alberta Health Checklist.  All swimmers must answer "no" to every question everyday to be allowed at practice.  You will also received information on registration with Swim Alberta and Swim Canada shortly.  Make sure you fill out those forms and submit them pretty quickly.

Thank you to all the members that have been understanding throughout all of this.  It is going to be great year and the Patriots will continue to strive towards excellence at every workout.