Updates on Swimming

Kevin Coulman

Hello Patriots,


It has been a good first week of swimming.  A number of swimmers still have a few sessions this weekend but I wanted to let all the swimmers and parents know about some of the requirements for the year again.

1) Assumption of risk form and Swim Canada Registration:  I have added to the squad calendars page a "how to" document on how be fully registerd with Swim Canada.  All swimmers need to fill out the Assumption of risk form and be fully registered with Swim Canada.  You might have to go through the process a couple of times (as I did) we sometimes forget to hit submit in certain circumstances.  Follow the "how to" document as best you can.   am still looking into some of the problems people have emailed about but some of those might be solved with just following the "how to".

2) Access points to Repsol:  All swimmers must access Repsol through the emergency entrances that lead to the outside of the facility.  You cannot come through the changerooms, swimmers must be in their suit ready to go.  I have updated Black squads calendar with the correct entrances.  See below....

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday PM - Competition Pool Emergency Exit

Monday/Wednesday AM and Saturday/Sunday - Training Pool Emergency Exit

3) Masks, Shoes & Equipment:  All swimmers must access all facilities with masks on and must remove their shoes at their access point.  All swimmers should have all of their equipment with them as they cannot share other swimmers or borrow from the facilities.  Different coaches will have different requirements for what that equipment looks like.

4) Parents Viewing:  There is no viewing allowed in the stands at Repsol and that is likely the same for most facilities.  Parents should stay out of the facility while their swimmers swim.

5) Black Squads on Friday:  I made a little mistake when orgranizing the groups on Friday.  Black squad at 5:00 has too many swimmers for the 5-6 per lane requirement.  Yesterday, I was able to modify the workout to have swimmers cycling from dryland to swimming.  We will likely continue with this format and thank you to the swimmers yesterday that did a good job adapting.

6) October Calendar:  I will add these to the website on Monday but if anyone is wondering what it will look like before then.  The schedule will be the same as September 21st to 27th week.  We will also run some time trial like practices on October 18th and 25th.  More information on Monday.