Seton and MRU Updates

Kevin Coulman

Hello Patriots,

A few updates…..

  1. We managed to get some pool time at MRU and maybe some more space at Repsol which will delay the October calendars a bit.  Updated calendars will be Monday but next week and the week after will be the same as this current week.
  2. With MRU opening we should be able to get most squads swimming a little bit more and as full squads a little more frequently.
  3. Seton Access.  Most swimmers will be a Seton some time in the next few months.
    1. All swimmers are to meet at the front desk 10 minutes before the start of workout.  I or another coach will let you in through the front desk.  We are supposed to come in as a group so try not to come late but I will give a few minutes before I let everyone in.
    2. You can access the change rooms and you still go through the change rooms to get on deck but we still want all swimmers to come with their suit on and do not use the lockers.  They may quickly change after practice is done.
    3. Make sure you wear your mask when entering and exiting the facility and the change room.
    4. Don't have your shoes on when you come on deck.

Thank you.