Summer Training Update

Kevin Coulman


I have a few more updates.

  1. Good luck to everyone at a meet this June.  All the entries are in for every meet as they filled up very quick.  We will be able to add some new swimmers who qualify for festival after the trex meet.
  2. I have added new summer training calendars with some modifications.  Group #1 is still Grey, Black, Red & Bronze and Group #2 is Gold and Silver.  Bronze swimmers will be able to attend the weekday mornings with Silver and Gold as listed.  There are a few days where we will have all swimmers at Repsol, so please read it closely.
  3. Summer Sign Up
    1. All swimmers that want to train through the summer must qualify and plan to attend Summer Provincials or Nationals must sign up for the summer training event.  I have extended the deadline for everyone.  Swimmers that do not qualify for one of these meets yet must contact myself, Coach Chad, or Coach Roger for information.  I will remove swimmers who haven’t qualified or haven’t contacted anyone.
    2. Swimmers who are swimming through the summer should (but do not need to) sign up for an early summer meet.  Either EKI in Edmonton for four full days (or shorter) or a shorter meet in Calgary called Western Finale.  Swimmers in Black and Grey will only go to Finale and swimmers in Red, Brz, Silver & Gold can choose to go to EKI or Finale but they need to make the qualifying standard for EKI in the meet package.  We will not have any practice on this weekend so the meets are encouraged.
    3. Swimmers who are swimming through the summer must also sign up for Summer Provincials or Nationals.  If you are not qualified just yet than you should still sign up and indicate (if qualifies) in the notes.  Swimmer that are signed up for one of these meets but who have not signed up for summer training will be added to summer training.
  4. Registration and next years squads – Tentative squads for next year will be out on Tuesday June 7th with the registration package shortly after.  Registration for returning members will be July 4th.  Please let me know if you will not be returning as that will help me organize the squads.

Coach Kevin