CP Year End Updates

Kevin Coulman


Here is some information on the club going into the summer.

  1. Meets – All meets have been posted until the end of the year.  You can still sign up for Freeze & Fry, Summer Festival, Montana (must email), Western Finale & Summer Provincials if you are eligible and you qualify for the meet.
  2. Calendars – I have added all the calendars until the end of July.  They are on our website HERE.
  3. Summer Training – This training goes from June 26th to July 30th and is for swimmers in Red, Brz, Silver & Gold that have signed up for a summer meet and Grey & Black swimmers who have qualified and are attending Summer Provincials.  You must sign up on our website by June 19th.  Some swimmers might not know yet if they qualify for Summer Provincials, but we will have a final list on June 15th.  If you are close to qualifying, you can still sign up right now but talk with your squad coach about it.  If you are not signed up for summer training, your last workout will be on June 23rd or 24th.
  4. Senior squad Coronado training camp - The deadline for this training camp is June 9th. If spots remain after this deadline, I will re-open to fill the spots.
  5. Semi Annual General Meeting – Will take place in The Riverview room at MNP on June 24th @ 8:30 AM.  All parents with swimmers in any squad are welcome to attend.  More information shortly.
  6. Awards Banquet – Will take place at the Polish Canadian Cultural Center on June 25th from 5:00-10:00pm.  You must sign up on our website by June 12th, the cost is $25.00.  We provide all swimmers with their annual training bar at this event.  We will also be adding a most improved award to every squad this year.
  7. Squads for next season – I will post a list of the squads for next season on June 17th.  If there are any swimmers planning to not swim for our club next year, please let me know as it will help us balance out our squads.
  8. Next Year Registration – Will start on July 4th, 2023, for returning members and on July 11th, 2023, for new members.  A registration package will be available shortly but practice times, meets & fees should remain similar.  We are also in the process of changing our website provider so registration will appear different this year.