Coaches and Staff
Kevin Coulman Head Coach

 Kevin Coulman returns for his ninth season with the Calgary Patriots Swim Club, once again providing his leadership as the organization's Head Coach as well as continuing on his role as the Gold Squad lead coach.

Kevin has been coaching in Canada for 20 years. Starting in 1999 he joined the Saskatoon Goldfins Swim Club where he worked with athletes ranging from developmental to national level swimmers.  Following his successful 10 years with the Goldfins, Kevin became the Head Coach of the Campbell River Killer Whales which he led until eventually joining the Patriots in 2010. With the Patriots, Kevin has helped numerous swimmers swim with the top universities in the country.

Kevin is a former competitive swimmer and track athlete himself - having, in his youth, pursued both sports at a high level.  Kevin has a degree in Kinesiology from the U of S and is a Level Three Certified Coach.  He continues to look forward to bringing his knowledge and enthusiasm to the pool everyday.

Chad Michie Asst. Head Coach/Grey Squad Coach

A long-time pillar of the Calgary Patriots, Chad has had the pleasure of watching the team grow over the last decade and is excited to join us once again for his 10th season. 

Chad also works with the Calgary P-Too program where he is a Lead Coach and a Master Evaluator with the I Can Swim Program. Chad was involved in Alberta Summer Swimming where he spent eight seasons working with The Calgary Tritons as a group lead and eventually as their head coach. Chad has spent 6 years with Calgary Masters Swim Club where he has taken on a leadership position in the teams coaching organization.

Chad is a certified level two coach and is working towards completing his NCCP Swimming 301 certification. Chad has over 20 years of experience in swimming as either a coach or a competitive swimmer and hopes to instill his love of the sport in the swimmers.

Roger Hanna Sr. Lead Coach/Silver Squad Coach

Roger Hanna joins the Calgary Patriots for his second season with the organization and is excited to bring 20+ years of coaching and swimming experience to the pool deck. Roger has enjoyed the last 9 years of his coaching working with Sr. Age group athletes ranging from the provincial to national level. 

During the summers, Roger also acts as the Head Coach of the largest summer swim team in Alberta, The Calgary Swordfish which he has been involved with for 9 seasons. Under his leadership, the Swordfish has won the last four consecutive Summer Provincials and all seven regionals as well as setting countless provincial records.

He has also worked with the Greater Ottawa Kingfish, coaching Senior Age Group and Developmental athletes. Before his work in Ottawa, he coached Developmental Swimming with LASC in Lethbridge from 2010-2015. Roger is a former national level swimmer himself, having competed both across Canada and internationally. He has had the privilege of training and competing with top Canadians and numerous Olympians. 

Roger is excited to continue his work with the Patriots Sr. stream athletes.

Kristin Dawson Bronze Squad Coach

Kristin (pronounced Kristine) is back for her second season with the Calgary Patriots. She has coached age group to Senior National Level in two sports (swimming&Olympic Canoe/Kayak). Kristin is a Level 3 (trained) NCCP coach and in Aug 2019 was selected to join the coaching team of the Western Canada Summer Games. 

As an athlete, Kristin was an age group Canadian record holder, national qualifier and received a full ride swimming scholarship to the University of Hawaii. Kristin still swims as a Masters swimmer and has broken Canadian records sharing a FINA World Masters Record in the 4 x 100m LC Free relay. She also competed at the world level in Olympic Canoe/Kayak sprint racing.

Beyond the pool, Kristin is happily married and a mother of 3 children. She holds multiple degrees in philosophy, kinesiology and geological technology and has worked as a consultant in change management and communications strategy. She is a certified Health Coach and continues to coach families toward optimal health and performance.

Kristin believes the key to injury prevention and speed gains is sound technical swimming, geared toward a swimmer’s unique body type. Implementing drills to improve and solidify technique is a critical part of every workout. She believes that swimming can be a masterful tool to help teach children how to become successful adults. Tenacity is nurtured though discipline, fun and the social skills swim friends provide. It is all about reaching individual excellence.

Brent Bester Red Squad Coach

A Calgary native, Brent has coached or been involved in swimming for his entire life. Brent swam for more than 10 years with the Calgary Swordfish Summer Swim team before rejoining the team years later as one of its Sr. group Lead Coaches where he has remained for the last four seasons. In summer swimming, Brent has coached numerous record holders and provincial medalists.

Previously Brent was the Head Coach of the University of Alberta Masters Swim Club which he started up himself in 2016 and ran for two seasons. Under his leadership the team won small team at master’s provincials in 2017. 

Brent is still a Masters swimmer to this day and enjoys a love for the sport as an athlete as well as a coach. Outside of the pool Brent is happily married to his wife Megan of three years and works as a civil engineer. 

Brent is excited to bring his enthusiasm and technical knowledge of swimming to the Calgary Patriots.

Lauren Siarkowski Black Squad Coach

Lauren joins the Calgary Patriots for her first season as the Black Squad coach. 

Lauren has been coaching in Calgary for a decade. During the summers she is the Assistant Head Coach of the Calgary Swordfish Summer Swim Club, which she has been involved with for eight consecutive seasons. Lauren brings with her an expertise and understanding of the fundamentals of competitive swimming and has centered her career around developing fundamentals programs in the teams she has worked with. 

Prior to her work with the Swordfish and the Calgary Patriots she coached developmental swimming with the University of Calgary Swim Club from 2010-2018 where she worked with many swimmers and coaches to lead one arm of the team’s developmental program. 

Outside of the pool, Lauren holds a BA in Communications and Media Studies and has experience in administration and organization. Lauren is excited to join the Calgary Patriots and Black Squad and work with our up and coming young athletes.

Hudson Costain White Squad / Green Squad Coach

Hudson is excited to be returning to the Patriots for his second season with the organization. 

Hudson has been coaching swimming for the last eight years. He has spent this time honing his skills as a fundamentals coach teaching new swimmers the skills necessary to begin their swim career. He has also enjoyed working with athletes ranging from pre-competitive to competitive age group swimmers. Hudson coaches Masters with the Calgary Masters Swim Club and prior to his work with the Patriots, he coached age group and developmental swimming with Nose Creak Swim Association in Calgary.

Hudson is a former high-level competitive swimmer himself. His favourite stroke as an athlete was the butterfly and now as a coach it is also his favorite stroke to introduce to young swimmers.

Hudson is a huge believer in training and competing with our mind and body together. For Hudson, swimming is more than just working hard for results - he wants to help swimmers develop self-confidence and love for sport that will last them a lifetime. 

Hudson is thrilled to be part of the Patriots family once again and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with the Patriots’ next generation of swimmers.

Kristen McKell Office Manager