CPWD Swim Groups - 2021-2022 Season (v21Sep2021)




(Age 13+)

The Senior program is made up of swimmers, usually 13+ years old, who have achieved success in qualifying for higher level swim meets, such as Regional, Provincial and National level times. The Senior group offers swimmers the chance to develop more advanced competitive skills as well as offering faster timed set training within practice. These swimmers are working on knowing their times and understanding pace, advanced skill instruction, racing strategies, pace work, activation exercises, stretching and dry land training. The goal of this program is to support the senior swimmer in achieving success in qualifying for provincial and national level swimming competitions. This group would normally be targeted to swim approximately 13 hours per week.

Senior Fit

(Age 12+)

The Senior Fit program has been developed for those swimmers (12+ years old) who have aged out of swimming lessons, or for those swimmers who no longer want to swim the required number of hours to compete at a higher level. This non-competitive group is also ideal for multi-sport athletes looking for conditioning or cross training to complement their other sports, and for those who simply enjoy the training aspect of swimming.  This group would normally be targeted to swim approximately 7 hours per week, and it is coupled to the Senior group practice timeslots, with Senior Fit swimmers permitted to attend any Senior practice up to a maximum of 4 over the course of Monday to Saturday per week.

Age Group Blue

(Ages 9-13)

The Age Group Blue program offers swimmers (aged 9-13) a chance to hone their competitive skill level. These swimmers are learning how to swim on timed sets, how to manage bigger and more complex swim sets on harder paced times, accountability in practice for knowing their times, completing more endurance in practice, as well as activation and proper stretching. This group would normally be targeted to swim approximately 7 hours per week.

Age Group White

(Ages 8-11)

This program offers younger competitive swimmers (aged 8-11) the opportunity to further develop their stroke proficiency, their competitive swim skills and overall endurance. This program focuses on specific stroke technique of the 4 swim strokes - butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle: while also introducing the individual medley (IM) and relays, as well as placing emphasis on team work, fair play, swim meet and practice etiquette and fun!  This group would normally be targeted to swim approximately 4.5 hours per week.

Junior Dragons

(Ages 5-9)


The Junior Dragons pre-competitive program (usually aged 5-9) begins the exciting and fun journey into swimming. These swimmers normally practice twice per week and participation in one local swim meet throughout the season is highly encouraged. This program focuses on: stroke proficiency and development (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and an introduction to butterfly), foundational competitive swim skills (race starts, turns and swim meet rules), team work, fair play and fun! This group normally swims 1.5 hours per week, with sub-groups divided into lanes based on tiered capability levels. Pre-Requisites: Minimum completion of Swimmer 4, or must be able to swim a minimum of 25m without stopping, have the ability to float on their back, put their face in the water and are capable of swimming a minimum of 2 types of strokes (eg: Front crawl and back crawl).


(Age 18+)


This group is for adults who are interested in learning or maintaining efficient swimming skills, endurance and fitness. This group swims 6 hours per week. Prerequisite: must be able to swim 50m (2 lengths of the pool).