Volunteer Opportunities 

A large part of the CPWD’s success comes from the dedicated group of families we have within our Club. When you choose to dedicate your time/services, the act of volunteering can make an incredible difference. 

By volunteering you will:

  • have the opportunity to learn more about the sport of swimming, 
  • show that you are invested in your child’s development, 
  • be given a voice to help guide the direction and the success of our Club, and 
  • strengthen the overall success of our Club! 

In general, volunteers will earn 1 point for every hour of their time or $10 value donated (i.e. raffle prizes, food for swimmers and/or officials).

As we get set to start our season, we are actively recruiting the following full-year volunteer positions:

Communications and Media Relations Spokesperson – 8 points 

The Communications and Media Relations spokesperson will facilitate media outreach and media requests for the Club. 


Dragon Bytes Newsletter Writer/Editor– 15 points 

Our Dragon Bytes shares the most up-to-date information through a digital newsletter. The newsletter includes the President’s message, a Coach's Update, a list of recent incredible swims and top meet placings and other general articles supporting swimmers, the Club and our parents. Working in collaboration with the Executive and the Head Coach you will produce our monthly newsletter.


Equipment Manager – 6 points 

The Equipment Manager will work in collaboration with the Head Coach to organize and maintain the team equipment. 


Fundraising Coordinator/Committee – 15 points 

The Fundraising Committee will work to organize fundraising activities (i.e. Little Cesar’s Pizza, raffles and bottle drives, ) throughout the year for the benefit of the Club. 


Parent Liaisons – 15 points 

As the Parent Liaison for your swim group, you will act as the “Go To” parent. These roles have been established to assist families with feeling more comfortable with all the goings-on, such as swim meets, meetings, officiating courses, volunteering and social + fundraising events.


Social Coordinator/Committee – 15 points 

The Social Committee will work to organize social activities (i.e. Sundae’s for Swimmers, Team potlucks, seasonal get-togethers, Year-end Banquet) throughout the year for the Club (as COVID-19 safety protocols allow us to do so). 



Sponsorship Coordinator – 15 points 

The Sponsorship coordinator will work (from the existing sponsorship package) to help secure sponsorship dollars for our Club. 


Team Manager – 8 points 

The Team manager will work in partnership with our coaching staff to help keep our team organized. Jobs might include working in collaboration with Parent Liaisons to keep the larger Club informed of important events and communications. 


Team Photographer – 8 points 

Our team photographers will capture our swimmers in the water.  The BOD or coaching staff will post these photos to our website and our social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Instagram).


Please note: Additional opportunities for earning volunteer points will arise throughout the season and will be communicated to our members.

This is not an exhaustive list of opportunities. There really is an opportunity for everyone within the Club to give back, please feel free to contact Monica-Lynn Terpstra if you would like to discuss additional ideas for meeting your family’s point requirements.

Contact Monica-Lynn Terpstra ([email protected]) should you wish to commit to one (or more) of the above listed positions. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you in advance for your commitment and dedication to our Club.


CWPD Executive