This page contains information and references for CPWD Officiating. The Club Officials Chair can be contacted at Check back here often for useful officiating information and updates.

Upcoming Officiating Opportunities

Check back here periodically for news regarding other upcoming officiating opportunitie. As always, if you officiate at a meet (even if not for a sign-off) please ensure you email the COC so details can be tracked for officiating and volunteer credits.

Upcoming CPWD Officiating Clinics

CPWD will intend to host additional clinics after our Mid Winter Melt. Read further down for information about Swim Ontario Webinars and clinic opportunities hosted by other clubs. Check back here periodically for news regarding upcoming clinics. As always, attending officials clinics (including webinars) earns volunteer points. It also contributes towards the club's progress with officials development, a critical part of operating a swim club.

Swim Canada Online E-Modules

Logon to access the Swimming Canada E-Learning modules for Safety Marshal and Level1/Intro-To-Officiating (use your officials account)  New officials can become a Level 1 Official via these online E-modules if they are not able to attend a clinic training session in person (ask the COC if you wish to become an official with CPWD – like all clubs we can always use more officials).

Swim Ontario Webinars and Clinics

Web calendar showing upcoming advertised clinics across Swim Ontario, including online webinars: . This calendar does not list all clinics, only ones that Swim Ontario clubs have currently advertised. As more clubs advertise on the service the calendar will become even more useful. Other clinic opportunity information for our area will be posted near the top of this officiating page, as those details become available.

Swim Canada System Officials Logon Site

Logon with your officials account (not the same account as for your swimmer registration) in order to update your officials information, view the status of your training /clinics, enter information about your deck evaluations and sign-offs, and much more:

Officials Training Clinics Reference Material

Material and slides from the various training clinics: You can refer to these for a refresher once and a while and if you'd like in final prep/review before working a session. Please note that simply reviewing these does not constitute having attended a clinic or received the training. In order to be qualified for working a position at a meet, one must always have conducted registered training and with records appropriately annotated through the Swim Canada System (ask the COC).

Certification Pathway

Basic information about the different officiating levels and requirements for training, clinics, evaluations and experience in order to climb the ladder to become a higher level official.

Misc Additional Officiating References and Links

Official's Code of Conduct

Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (Officials PIPEDA form)