Families are required to add to the base of CPWD officials by volunteering for officiating each year. All competitive families are required to have at least one family member (eligible parent, guardian or sibling of swimmers) fully qualified as a timer. If a family already has a registered official qualified as a timer or above, the family will be expected to progress one next level higher (including completion of applicable level 2 clinic, on-deck shadow and evaluations) until they have acquired all level 2 qualifications. The officiating requirements will be adjusted based on the evolving and transition of COVID-19 protocols. 

The remainder of this page contains information and references for CPWD Officiating. The Club Officials Chair can be contacted at [email protected] for more information or assistance. Check back here often for useful officiating information and updates. Select from the section titles below to view the applicable information or scrol to view all information.





Upcoming Officiating Opportunities - Check back here periodically for news regarding upcoming officiating opportunities. As always, if you officiate at a meet (even if not for a sign-off) please ensure you email the COC so details can be tracked for officiating and volunteer credits and for officials development.

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Upcoming CPWD Officiating Clinics - Stay tuned to updates from the COC and check back here periodically. Read further down for information about training opportunities through Swim Ontario webinars and clinic opportunities hosted by other clubs. As always, attending officials clinics (including webinars) earns volunteer points. It also contributes towards club progress with officials development, a critical part of operating a swim club.

CPWD will re-schedule it's earlier planned StrokeAndTurn c‎linic once we understand when we might be able to conduct such. 

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Swim Canada Online E-Modules / Leanring Managent System (LMS) - Logon with your officials account(not the same account as for your swimmer registration) to access the Swimming Canada E-Learning modules for Safety Marshal, Level1/Intro-To-Officiating and Chief Timer and Clerk Of Course (https://edu.swimming.ca/). New officials can become a Level 1 Official via these online E-modules if they are not able to attend an initial clinic training session in person (ask the COC if you wish to become an official with CPWD, like all clubs we can always use more officials). As a registered official, the Chief Timer clinic and the Clerk Of Course clinic can also be conducted via these E-Learning modules.

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Swim Canada System Officials Logon Site - Logon with your officials account (not the same account as for your swimmer registration) in order to update your officials information, view the status of your training /clinics, enter information about your deck evaluations and sign-offs, and much more (https://registration.swimming.ca/Login.aspx).

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Officials Training Clinics Reference Material - This material and slides are from the various training clinics (https://swimming.ca/en/clinics/). You can refer to these for a refresher once and a while and if you like in final prep/review before working a session. Please note that simply reviewing these does not constitute having attended a clinic or received the training. In order to be qualified for working a position at a meet, one must always have conducted registered training and with records appropriately annotated through the Swim Canada System (ask the COC).

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Certification Pathway - Check out Swim Ontario's website information about different officiating levels and requirements for training, clinics, evaluations, experience and certification in order to climb the ladder to become a higher level official.  

All officials at swim meets are volunteers and are usually parents/guardians of swimmers. Officiating is a critical part of every swim club. In order to host a swim meet a club must be compliant to Swim Ontario standards for the status level and number of club registered officials. Like every swim club, CPWD always needs officials.

The first step to officiating is deciding to volunteer. Although it might seem intimidating it really isn't. The COC is always available to answer questions and to provide assistance, as also are all the other club officials with all of their combined years of experience and knowledge to share. Every current official started with absolutely no officiating experience. After some minor administrative steps to register as an official, new officials start with the Introduction To Officiating / Level 1 clinic. This clinic provides a starting background and some basics, while also providing training to be a Timer. Another initial clinic is the Safety Marshall. Both these clinics are available as online e-modules or as standard classroom training. The Intro clinic usually takes about 2 hours to complete while the Safety Marshall takes much less time. After taking the Intro clinic you are allowed to work as a Timer at a Swim Meet and you will be a Level 1 Official (Red Pin).

The next step is to start to get some experience working sessions at swim meets. As a new Timer you'll want to work an initial session and get comfortable with what happens on deck. After working an initial Timer session you'll then be ready to work a second and third session, this time for evaluation sign-offs. Two sign-offs are required. The COC will keep you informed of opportunities to work at upcoming meets but you can also seek out the opportunities yourself. Beyond working at our own CPWD hosted meets, clubs are expected to contribute officials when attending other meets and there will often be reminder calls for sign-ups. Without officials, swim meets wouldn't happen. 

There are many different Level 2 Officials after Level 1 but the next role to be trained in is normally always for the Stroke and Turn Judge. This is an important role at every swim meet. The clinic is normally always taught through a classroom environment since it will get into the details of each swim stroke. Just like for Timer, you'll need to work at least three sessions as a Stroke and Turn Judge (one initially and then two more for evaluation/sign-off). 

After Stroke and Turn, the sequence of training for the other Level 2 roles will often happen slightly differently for each person depending on various circumstances. One good path is to next concentrate on Chief-Finish-Judge/Chief-Judge-Electronics and Chief-Timer. The other Level 2 roles are: Clerk-Of-Course, Recorder/Scorer, Starter and Meet-Manager. In order to be certified as a Level 2 Official, you'll need two sign-offs as Timer, two sign-offs as Stroke and Turn, and two sign-offs in one other Level 2 role. Officials will often receive training, experience and sign-offs in several different Level 2 roles as they progress towards Level 2 certification. However, the quickest path to Level 2 involves simply three sessions each for Timer, Stroke and Turn, plus one other Level 2 role.

Achieving certification as a Level 2 Official (White Pin) is one of the most important contributions an official can make to their swim club because it is a critical measurement used by Swim Ontario for consideration of Officials Compliance.

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Misc Additional Officiating References and Links

- check back later for info here


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Steps to Register as an Official with CPWD - The setps to register as an official with CPWD are quick and only involve entry of some basic information collected via a SwimON online registration form. Once done, the COC will be able to complete your officials registration and will be in touch for required next steps or further information.

Please contact the COC ([email protected]) for any questions.


Step 1 - Visit the following web page (<< Online Registration Form >>) and quickly scan the introduction, then select \next\ at the bottom.

Step 2 - Fill in the required information. Make sure to select "CPWD" as club from the drop down list. If you are not sure of your current certification level or if you are a new official, select "no level".

Step 3 - You will be presented a signature page. It is awkward, but make some sort of signature or initial marks in the box.

Step 4 - Select \submit\. The system should send you and email and the COC will be in touch with you to complete other steps for your registration and access to your officials account.

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