Registration for the CRKW Master program is ongoing throughout the season, for more information please contact our Head Coach, Richard Millns at [email protected]

The MSABC Waiver and $44 insurance fee must be completed/paid annually to be apart of the CRKW Masters program. You can find this form here

CRKW Masters Program


Program Description

Our Masters and Highschool groups train together but register seperately. Masters will register with MSABC and the High School group with SwimBC. In the pool, they push eachother to excel in the sport.

Swimmers aged 17&U must register as a High School group swimmer
Swimmers aged 18&O must register as a Masters group swimmer

WHERE: Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex

FOR WHO: Open for anyone wanting to swim and learn to swim faster


$275 per session plus the annual MSABC fee

$680 if you sign up for all 3 sessions at the beginning of the season, plus the annual MSABC fee  

$125 for a 10 class punch card, plus the annual MSABC fee

(MSABC fee is $44)

Session 1: October - December

Session 2: January - March

Session 3: April - June

If you sign up for the whole season in September then the year will be $680 ($145 savings)

Registration into the Masters program is on going, so please reach out to the registrar Brian Vose at [email protected]

Registration Package