Swimmers in the Orca Program have a love of swimming and their team that shows through their commitment. We have 3 stages of the Orca program that will progress a swimmer entering the program from a strong novice swimmer to a technically excellent, physically fit and determined athlete eager to take the next step in their sport. Once key fundamentals are achieved in the Mini Whale program, the next step is to refine skills under different levels of challenge, and develop skill integrity. Integrity becomes a key value in this program as it is imperative to ensure the swimmer develops the right pedigree of self control as they enter the high school years of swimming. Integrity in skill, integrity in commitment, integrity in sportsmanship and loyalty to the TEAM is developed through the three phases of the Orca program. The goal will always be to have fun, but we begin the path of developing the discipline to be your best self. 


-Graduation from the Mini-Whale program based.

-Swimmers should be able to swim 50 seconds for a 50 free and 50 back, 60 seconds for a 50 breaststroke, and swim a technically correct 25 fly. Some exceptions to this will be allowed if it suits the social and mental well being of a swimmer. 

-Ages match MiddlSchool

Expectations of swimmers:

-Swimmers are held to the expectation of attending 90% of the training sessions, with the ultimate goal of attending each offered session in the program.

-Swimmers are committed to attending all camps, swim meets, and social events that are offered throughout the season. 

-Swimmers are committed to attending all of their championship meets of which they are qualified for.

-Swimmers are committed and responsible for their own success at this level, by coming to every session ready to train, improve, and have fun! Swimmers are excited to excel, and are working towards taking the next step in their swimming journey. 

Expectations of parents:

-Make sure to have your swimmer at the pool on time with all required equipment.

-To contact coach if swimmer will be missing practice or event.

- Stay informed on upcoming events by checking the website, bulletin boards, as well as talking to your swimmers coach.

Required Gear and Equipment:

Goggles, cap (for swimmers with hair past their ears), one piece swim suit for girls, and a jammer or brief speedo for boys. For swim meets, swimmers should have all of the above equipment, plus their CRKW t-shirt. In their equipment bag swimmers need their own flippers, snorkel, pull-buoy, paddles, and kickboard.

Practice Information:

Swimmers in Orca's start with 4, then 5 and eventually 6x per week, with each practice consisting of 15-30 minutes of activation, plus 1.5-2.0 hours of pool time . Swimmers are also expected to attend all dryland sessions that are scheduled throughout the week. Meet schedule will be available at the beginning of the season to help families better plan their year.