2020-2021 Fundraising Policy

The Campbell River Killer Whales Swim Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for athletes to swim competitively. Our annual budget is over $150,000 per year and membership fees only cover half of this cost, the rest is made up through fundraising as well as Gaming Funding.  Each swimmer and family has a commitment to fundraise a certain amount to cover the cost of coaching staff, pool time and operations. Families have a choice to meet their fundraising commitments through fundraising activities or they have the option to pay out their fundraising commitment – it is their choice. The alternative of higher fees would put the sport of swimming financially out of reach for most persons.


CRKW Fundraising Program
We offer many different fundraising opportunities throughout the year and we need many parents to step up and run these campaigns. Our Fundraising has two components – the individual swimmer’s commitment to fundraising with the excess being used for meet fees or apparel; and the mandatory Club Fundraiser Rule the Pool Event. CRKW believes parents should have the choice to either participate in fundraising activities to cover the costs of swimming or they can simply pay the amount of their fundraising commitment. It is the parent’s choice.


Individual Swimmer Fundraising Commitments

Each swimmer is responsible for meeting a minimum fundraising commitment as listed below. This amount in addition to your monthly fees reflects the cost swimming (Staff Salaries, Pool Rental and Operations). It is your choice how you want to meet your financial commitments. Parents have the choice to personally pay off their commitment OR encourage their swimmer to fundraise to meet their commitment. The choice is yours!

Excess Fundraising: Any excess fundraising that the swimmer raises will go 80% to the swimmer and 20% to the club. All members of the family must have completed their fundraising commitments and monthly fees must be in good standing for any swimmer to utilize their excess fundraising.

Please see Group Commitments below:





Club Fundraising: RULE-THE-POOL

Each swimmer is asked to participate in our Rule the Pool Event. This a fun team building event that takes place each year. This is the one and only mandatory club fundraiser with 100% of the proceeds going to the club. Each swimmer has a mandatory minimum of pledges they must collect. How will you collect pledges? The choice is yours – have your swimmer collect pledges or write a cheque!

See above chart for Rule the Pool pledge amounts for each group.



Member Accounts:

·         The money is put on ‘account’ but has no cash value to the swimmer or their family and can be used for payment of team travel costs, entry fees for swim meets as well as apparel. 

·         It may not be used for registration costs or insurance for Swim BC.

·         The book keeper must have 5 days notice in writing to apply a credit to a member. 

·         It cannot be transferred to another family in the club but can be used by any swimmer in the immediate family. 


Any fundraising money on account must be used by June 15th and cannot be carried over. At the end of the swim season, money on ‘account’ will be zeroed out and it will go back to the general account of CRKW. 

Any questions can be directed to the fundraising coordinator at [email protected]