CRKW Competitive
2017-2018 Fundraising and VPS Commitments


Fundraising Policy


The complete Fundraising Policy can be found online at www.crkw.caThe intention of the fundraising policy is to support swimmers’ expenses throughout the year and to create opportunities that add to the club’s revenue. Each swimmer is responsible for meeting a minimum fundraising commitment as listed below. This amount in addition to your monthly fees reflects the cost swimming (Staff Salaries, Pool Rental and Operations). It is your choice how you want to meet your financial commitments. Parents have the choice to personally pay off their commitment OR encourage their swimmer to fundraise to meet their commitment. 


Excess Fundraising: Any excess fundraising that the swimmer raises will go 80% to the swimmer and 20% to the club. All members of the family must have completed their fundraising commitments and monthly fees must be in good standing for any swimmer to utilize their excess fundraising.


Volunteer Points System

Our volunteer point system was put into place to encourage families to participate in club functions. Volunteers are needed in order for the swim club to be successful. Each swim level is assigned a certain number of points required as a part of your commitment to the club. Each level is also assigned a certain amount of meet days the parents are required to help out at. Each point is worth $30. By volunteering, you are not only being an important part of making your club great, you are also working off points! If you volunteer throughout the year and earn all of your points, your VPS obligation is fulfilled and your financial commitment is completed! Please read the complete policy in the Parent Handbook.



Requirements per group as follows:




Swimming Groups





Rule the Pool


Killer Whale Sr.







Killer Whale Jr.







Orca Sr.







Orca Jr.







*Fundraising amounts are for the 2021 season (January-July) Subject to revision in September

*For time trials or swim meets it is mandatory that if you have a swimmer competing, at least one parent must volunteer for a position on deck.





I have read the fundraising policy of the Campbell River Killer Whales Swim Club and have agreed to raise or pay the amount listed in the above chart 



Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature _____________________     Date ____________________



I have read the VPS policy of the Campbell River Killer Whales Swim Club and have agreed to volunteer to work off the number of points as per the chart above or pay the amount indicated.


Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature _____________________     Date: ___________________