Ongoing Fundraisers

You and your swimmer have several opportunities to contribute to your fundraising requirements outside of the seasonal fundraising campaigns.  These fundraising opportunities listed below are ongoing throughout the year:

Individual Bottle Returns - Island Return It

  • Take your bottles to Island Return It in Campbellton.
  • Instead of accepting cash back, ask the staff to print a receipt and put CRKW plus your swimmer’s full name on the back of the receipt. Friends and extended family can also put your swimmer’s name on their return receipts
  • Island Return It will save the receipts. Once a month they issue a chque to the club, and include all the receipts. Our fundraising coordinator will enter your receipt amounts and deduct the amount from what you owe for fundraising
  • If your commitment amount is $200 and you return $10 worth of bottle you will then owe $190 in fundraising.


Boston Pizza Campbell River Restaurant location

  • 10% of any meal ordered can be credited to your fundraising account, but you have to follow these steps for it to work (ask friends or family to so this for your swimmer too):
  • eat a meal at Boston Pizza Campbell River
  • when you get your receipt (dine in, take out or delivery), put your club CRKW and your swimmer’s full name on the back of the receipt and ask the staff to place it in their marked box at the restaurant
  • your receipt must go into the box the same month that you had your meal or it won’t be valid
  • at the end of every month the receipts are tallied and a cheque is issued to CRKW quarterly with your swimmer’s amounts. Our fundraising coordinator applies your 10% credit to your swimmer’s fundraising commitment.