Ongoing Fundraisers

You and your swimmer have several opportunities to contribute to your fundraising requirements outside of the seasonal fundraising campaigns.  These fundraising opportunities listed below are ongoing throughout the year:

Individual Bottle Returns - Island Return It

  • Take your bottles to Island Return- It in Campbellton.
  • Instead of accepting cash back, ask the staff to put the amount on CRKW Killer Whales Account 160 and get a printed receipt. Put your swimmer’s full name on the receipt and either put it in the CRKW drop-box in the pool viewing room or send a photo of the receipt to our Fundraising Coordinator, Anglela Hartman at [email protected]. The full amount on the receipt will be recorded on your swimmer's fundraising account.
  • Friends and extended family can also put your swimmer’s name on their return receipts and submit them for fundraising credit. 
  • Once a month, Island Return-It will issue a cheque to the club. Our Fundraising Coordinator will enter your receipt amounts and deduct the amount from what you owe for fundraising.
  • If your commitment amount is $200 and you return $10 worth of bottle you will then owe $190 in fundraising.


Boston Pizza - Campbell River Restaurant location

  • 10% of any meal ordered can be credited to your fundraising account, but you have to follow these steps for it to work (ask friends or family to do this for your swimmer too).
  • Order a meal at Boston Pizza in Campbell River; when you get your receipt (dine in, take out or delivery), put your club CRKW and your swimmer’s full name on the back of the receipt and ask the staff to place it in their marked box at the restaurant.
  • Your receipt must go into the box the same month that you had your meal or it will NOT be valid.
  • At the end of every month, the receipts are tallied and a cheque is issued to CRKW quarterly with your swimmer’s amounts. Our fundraising coordinator applies your 10% credit to your swimmer’s fundraising commitment.


Fundscrip - Gift Card Fundraiser

This year-round fundraiser is an easy and flexible way to earn back some dollars in fundraising. All of us spend money regularly on gas, groceries and coffee; why not get some fundraising done at the same time. Have a swim meet coming up? Order some restaurant gift cards or gas cards for your trip. Have some kids that are hard to buy for? Buy some gift cards at retailers they like to shop at. It’s easy with Fundscrip. 

  • Go online to, sign up with the invite code 2QZ43T and order some gift cards to get started.
  • ORDERING BASICS: Shipping of your cards costs a mere 85 cents (plus applicable taxes). You can order a max of 4 cards per order up to a maximum dollar value of $500 per order. Paying is also easy; there are three options to pick from but beware some are better at maximizing your fundraising than others. The Online Bill Payment Service - Option 2 is very easy to arrange. 
  1. Electronic Funds Transfter (EFT) - This option allows Fundscrip to direct debit from your bank account. You have to fill out a form and send it to Fundscrip along with a voided cheque. There are no fees for this type of payment.
  2. Online Bill Payment Service - This option allows you to add Fundscrip as a Payee to your Online banking service. You can order your gift cards, then access your online banking and pay your total to your Fundscrip payee after which Fundscrip will then process your order. There are instructions on how to do this on the Fundscrip website.
  3. Credit card - This option is available but is the least recommended option as your earnings are reduced by 1.99% due to a processing fee. So if your earnings are 3% for ordering a Shell gas card, using a credit card to pay for this order means your swimmer only actually earns 1.10% instead of the full 3% if they had used EFT or Online Bill Payment service.
This fundraiser is fantastic for long distance family and friends too! They can sign up with Fundscrip, add your swimmer’s name after their last name (Example entry for John Smith:  Smith- Sara Hartman) and have their gift cards delivered directly to them with the fundraising portions going straight to your swimmer.
Special promotions come available each month, log on to see what you can get or be notified by email.
Ask your Fundraising Coordinator, Angela Hartman about any of these fundraisers for further information at [email protected].