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Volunteer Points System (VPS)

Our volunteer point system was put into place to encourage families to participate in club functions. Volunteers are needed in order for the swim club to be successful. Each swim level is assigned a certain number of points required as a part of your commitment to the club. Each level is also assigned a certain amount of meet days the parents are required to help out at. Each point is worth $30. By volunteering, you are not only being an important part of making your club great, you are also working off points! If you volunteer throughout the year and earn all of your points, your VPS obligation is fulfilled and your financial commitment is completed! Please read the complete policy in the Parent Handbook.


Mandatory Commitments for Swim Meets

Swim meet volunteering is now mandatory.  Mini Whale White and Blue must volunteer for 2 days of meets.  All other groups for 3 days.  If 2 family members volunteer on one day, that counts as 2 days of volunteering.  If your family does not meet the swim meet volunteering expectation there will be a $100.00 penalty.  We will no longer award VPS for bringing in deck food.

Clinics will still be awarded points, however you will receive your points AFTER volunteering for that job at our meets.  For example, if you take the Stroke and Turn Clinic and do that job for 3 days of swim meets you will receive 8 VPS points.

Mini meets and time trials will receive ½ of the allotted points per position.

If the host club of the VIR Championship meet is requiring each club to provide volunteers, it will be mandatory for a parent to volunteer for a session if their swimmer is in the meet.

The Annual General Meeting we have in October of each year will no longer have a VPS point attached to it.  

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2017/2018 VPS Points Chart