CRKW Lessons Program Information

Please contact our Head Coach Richard Millns at [email protected] to set up a skill assessment!


Offered during three sessions annually:

Fall - September to December 

Winter - dates to be determined

Spring - dates to be determined


Did you know that as a member of SwimBC you may be eligible for funding through Kidsport or Jumpstart when registering for our programs.



 Please see below our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What Can We Expect for these Lessons? Swimmers will sample the learning progressions of the competitive strokes. We will also provide assessment and placement within our Killer Whales Program. 

Do I have to come for all the Lessons? Come for 1, or come for all. Similar to sampling anything, if you sample more of it, you get a better understanding of the product. 

I have received my placement into the program what does that mean? The Killer Whales Swim Club offers a wide array of programing options. We begin the swimming journey with the Mini-Whales pre competitive program. In the Mini Whales we offer the opportunity for swimmers to swim 1,2 or even 3 times per week for 30-45 minute lessons. In those lessons swimmers learn the foundational skills of the competitive strokes, and foundational skills of water safety. Once swimmers have successfully completed our Mini Whales program they move into the Orca Junior group. The Orca Junior is our first level of competitive swimming where swimmers can begin their journey as a fast racer! 

What is the difference between the Mini Whales program and the Red Cross Program? Our Mini Whales program is replacing the outgoing I Can Swim Program as the premier, pre competitive swimming lesson program. The focus of the Mini Whale program is to pick up the most advanced technical skills from our trained coaches on the Olympic sport of Competitive Speed Swimming. The Red Cross Program run by our friends and neighbours at the Strathcona Gardens has a focus a bit more on lifeguard skills and water safety. Our philosophy is if you can swim fast, you'll be safe!

If I join the Killer Whales do I have to train at crazy hours and crazy amounts? In short not unless you'd like to. Being a great champion takes incredible commitment in the later portions of childhood. However to enjoy training crazy hours, our younger (14 and under) swimmers have a very modest and progressive training schedule to build the love of the sport and love of the team. We are very proud to offer our community the opportunity to be the best they can be and a training regime that can produce high level athletes that go on to swim in University and maybe someday represent Canada on the national team. However it all starts with a sound development and flexible scheduling that allows our young people to develop excellent swimming skills in a low key and lighthearted atmosphere. 

We look forward to having you join the Campbell River Killer Whales and are excited for another great season!