2020 Olympics Swimming Schedule

Corey Magowan

Here is the complete swimming schedule for the 2020 Olympics.  You can watch the Olympics on any CBC station, on the CBC Gem app, or on the CBC's Olympics Web Page.

Swimming at Summer Olympics 2021 Schedule & Fixtures

Here are the full Swimming Schedule and Calendar of 2021 Summer Olympics.

Date (2021) Time (JST) Event
24th July 19:00-21:30 Men 400m Individual Medley
Men 400m Freestyle
Men 100m Breaststroke
Women 100m Butterfly
Women 4x100m Freestyle
Women 400m Individual Medley
25th July 10:30-12:20 Men 400m Individual Medley Final
Men 400m Freestyle Final
Men 400m Breaststroke Semi-Final
Women 100m Butterfly Semi-Final
Women 400m Individual Medley Final
Women 4x100m Freestyle Final
25th July 19:00-21:30 Men 4x100m Freestyle
Men 100m Backstroke
Men 200m Freestyle
Women 100m Backstroke
Women 100m Breaststroke
Women 400m Freestyle
26th July 10:30-12:40 Men 100m Breaststroke Final
Men 100m Backstroke Semi-Final
Men 200m Freestyle Semi-Final
Men 4x100m Freestyle Final
Women 100m Butterfly Final
Women 100m Breaststroke Semi-Final
Women 400m Freestyle Final
Women 100m Backstroke Semi-Final
26th July 19:00-21:30 Men 200m Butterfly
Women 200m Freestyle
Women 200m Individual Medley
Women 1500m Freestyle
27th July 10:30-12:25 Men 200m Freestyle Final
Men 100m Backstroke Final
Men 200m Butterfly Semi-Final
Women 100m Breaststroke Final
Women 200m Freestyle Semi-Final
Women 100m Backstroke Final
Women 200m Individual Medley Semi-Final
27th July 19:00-21:30 Men 100m Freestyle
Men 200m Breaststroke
Men 4x200m Freestyle
Men 800m Freestyle
Women 200m Butterfly
28th July 10:30-13:05 Men 100m Freestyle Semi-Final
Men 200m Butterfly Final
Men 200m Breaststroke Semi-Final
Men 4x200m Freestyle Final
Women 200m Freestyle Final
Women 200m Butterfly Semi-Final
Women 200m Individual Medley Final
Women 1500m Freestyle Final
28th July 19:00-21:30 Men 200m Backstroke
Men 200m Individual Medley
Women 100m Freestyle
Women 200m Breaststroke
Women 4x200m Freestyle
29th July 10:30-13:10 Men 800m Freestyle Final
Men 200m Breaststroke Final
Men 200m Backstroke Semi-Final
Men 100m Freestyle Final
Men 200m Individual Medley Semi-Final
Women 100m Freestyle Semi-Final
Women 200m Butterfly Final
Women 200m Breaststroke Semi-Final
Women 4x200m Freestyle Final
29th July 19:00-21:30 Men 100m Butterfly
Women 800m Freestyle
Women 200m Backstroke
4x100m Medley Mix
30th July 10:30-12:10 Men 200m Backstroke Final
Men 200m Individual Medley Final
Men 100m Butterfly Semi-Final
Women 200m Breaststroke Final
Women 200m Backstroke Semi-Final
Women 100m Freestyle Final
30th July 19:00-21:30 Men 50m Freestyle
Men 1500m Freestyle
Men 4x100m Medley
Women 50m Freestyle
Women 4x100m Medley
31st July 10:30-12:20 Men 100m Butterfly Final
Men 50m Freestyle Semi-Final
Women 200m Backstroke Final
Women 800m Freestyle Final
Women 50m Freestyle Semi-Final
4x100m Medley Mix Final
1st August 10:30-12:25 Men 50m Freestyle Final
Men 1500m Freestyle Final
Men 4x100m Medley Final
Women 50m Freestyle Final
Women 4x100m Medley Final