Parents - Officiating

On Becoming an Official


A basic commitment of every family of the CRKW swim club is that in each of the meets hosted by the club has an adult representative of that family volunteering to assist the meet manager.  CRKW will be hosting approximately 2 tp 3 Regional meets throughout the swim season with 150- 200 athletes attending.  It requires approximately 45-50 people to successfully run a meet. Meets are one of our biggest fundraisers as well as one of the biggest team builders.


Training for all of the positions will be made available throughout the year by our Officials Chair.  Ideally we require that athletes in the Mini Whale groups have at least ONE parent qualified as a Level 1 official.  Orca and above athletes should have at least ONE parent qualified as a Level 2 official. Please check your emails for more details.


Each family, when they first become involved in swimming, should make an effort to attend officials’ clinics and earn qualifications in one or more of the officiating categories.


LEVEL I           Timer, Place Judge, Marshall

LEVEL II         Clerk of Course, Chief Timer, Chief Place Judge, Chief Judge Electronic,  Recorder/Scorer, Stroke/Turn judge, Head Lane Timer

LEVEL III         Starter, Meet Manager

LEVEL IV          Senior Referee

LEVEL V           Master Referee


Assistance is also required in the areas of set-up, clean-up, sponsors, donations, raffles, prizes, deck food preparation and serving and runners.

The more parents who participate, the less of a demand it is on those who are volunteering.  Often meets are delayed due to lack of volunteers.  This is very frustrating for the meet manager, coaches, and officials and especially unfair to the swimmers.  If we have to depend on other parents from the other clubs to assist at our meet, we will then be obliged to help at their meets.  Most parents when they attend out of town meets prefer to watch their child race.  Please volunteer your time at our meets, so we can extend the courtesy to allow our visiting clubs the chance to watch their child swim and enjoy our town.