Parent’s Responsibilities

Please review our HANDBOOK by clicking the link below /cancrkw/UserFiles/File/Latest%20PDF%20HANDBOOK%20%20(1).pdf for more details on fundraising, volunteer points system and any other details.
Having your swimmer training with the club and  participating in scheduled activities does not mean that you as the parent are fulfilling your total membership responsibilities. Parents are required to participate in all fundraising activities.  Parents are needed in many ways to help the club function efficiently and are required to contribute time to the Club within the limits of the their work schedules, family responsibilities, ect….
The following outlines some of the responsibilities of Club parents:
1.  Keep informed by regularly reviewing all Club publications, especially the registration information, this handbook, the bulletin boards, the group and club newsletters

2.  Attend the Annual General Meeting as well as any special information meetings

3.  Volunteer willingly to assist at all Club meets and functions. The more you participate, the more you will enjoy our Club. Attend the Club official training clinics, held throughout the swim season, and acquire Swim BC’s certification as a swim meet official. Volunteer and be an ambassador of goodwill at other swim meets whenever possible.

4.  Get out and meet the members of the club, especially the coaches and Board members, please contact these people when you have concerns.

5.  Help your swimmer keep track of their times in a log book. This particularly important for new members and young swimmers. As your swimmer grows and matures he/she will want to keep the log book on their own.

6.  See that your swimmer gets enough rest and proper nutrition. Coaches are available to advise you in these areas. The newsletters often carry information about these topics.

7.  Participate in Club activities. Notify club officials if you have any special skills and if you are willing to donate or volunteer that skill to our Club. Pervious officiating experience, computer skills, knowledge of potential sponsors, fundraising ideas – these are always needed.

8.  Abide by the club philosophies outlined in that section of this handbook. If you don’t agree with anything, let your Board know.

9.  Ensure that your swimmer has proper equipment and attire needed for their group and commitment. Maintain your membership in good standing this will ensure that your swimmer can continue to pursue their goals and dreams in the sport of competitive swimming.