Tax Receipt Information

With the switch to online billing you are now able to quickly see the amounts your have paid and pull statements from the club website for your records. Please remember to ALWAYS print and keep a copy of your monthly billings for tax purposes.

Follow these steps to access your account history:

  1. Sign in to club website
  2. go to “My Account”
  3. then “$MyInvoice/Payment”
  4. then “Billing History”
  5. then “Search Billing/Payment History”
  6. Enter “Beginning Date” ie. Jan. 1, 2016
  7. Enter “End Date” i.e. Dec. 31,2016
  8. and “Search”

This will then show you your Account Invoice History and Payments with the top section 
listing the invoices (charges) and the bottom section showing your payments. The 
Canada Revenue Website explains that not all expenses are deductible (for example, 
equipment costs, travel costs and Fundraising/VPS Commitments are not deductible). 
Please refer to the CRA website for more information.

If you require a tax receipt for January - June 2016, prior to the start of our online billing 
system, please contact our treasurer Debra Lathangue.