Volunteer Points System

Our volunteer point system (VPS) was put into place to encourage families to participate in club functions.  Volunteers are needed in order for the swim club to be successful.  Timers, officials, executive members, deck food, swim-a-thon coordinators, year-end party coordinator are just a few of the ways that you can help out and be an important part of your swim club!  Each swim group is assigned a certain number of points required as a part of your commitment to the club.  Each level is also assigned a certain amount of meet days the parents are required to help out at. Each point is worth $30.  By volunteering, you are not only being an important part of making your club great, you are also working off points!  If you volunteer throughout the year and earn all of your points, your VPS obligation is fulfilled and your financial commitment is completed!  It’s that easy!  So come on out and help, be a part of your club, meet new people and have some fun while you’re at it!

Please review our club HANDBOOK /cancrkw/UserFiles/File/Latest%20PDF%20HANDBOOK%20%20(1).pdf  for more details on fundraising and volunteer points system.

Current VPS requirement are as follows:

Group Points Required Value
MiniWhale White 3 points $90
MiniWhale Blue 5 points $150
MiniWhale Black 8 points $240
Orca Blue 8 points $240
Orca Black 10 points $300
Provincial Black 2 10 points $300
Provincial Black 1 12 points $360
Provincial Gold 12 points $360