Account Fundraising

Cascade participates in many fundraising opportunities throughout the year. These fundraising efforts give members a chance to offset some of your membership fees while at the same time helping the club to earn money to help support our programs.  Members will receive detailed information about each fundraising opportunity before it begins.  Below is an overview of some of the fundraising programs that have been successful in previous seasons. 


This is your first opportunity of the season to help offset some of your fees! Money you collect for the sale of the tickets is yours to keep. While this fundraiser typically begins in September, the 2020-21 Raffle will be postponed. Specific details will be emailed out to all members before the Raffle begins.  

You are eligible to pick up either $250 worth of tickets if you are in Olympic Way or $450 worth of tickets for all other competitive programs to sell.  Each ticket has a stated value of $5.  You are not obligated to sell them.  If you choose not to sell them please feel free to put your name on them for a chance to win great prizes!


The money we raise through Bingo's account for approximately 10% of our total budgeted revenue each year. Bingo's are an opportunity for all competitive level families to earn $75/per bingo which will go directly to your family account at the club.  There is no limit to the number of bingo's you can work so this is a great opportunity for members looking to offset some costs!

Volunteering for a bingo means you work a shift at the Bingo being hosted by Cascade. We host our Bingo's at The Bingo Barn. You will receive emails from the bingo coordinator letting you know that the opportunity to sign up for bingo's has opened. You then log into your Cascade account and on the home page under Events you choose Bingo/Officiating/Other and select the date and shift you want. You will receive training when you arrive if you have not worked a bingo. Be sure to let the organizer know you are new.

You will find more information on the Bingo Program page under the Members menu.




Just in time for the holiday's we host the Purdy's chocolates fundraiser.  This is a very popular one!  Like the other fundraisers, you will receive an email from the club when it is time to start which will provide you with all the details.  Purdy's provides printed catalogues as well as online information.  You simply let your friends and family know what's for sale and 25% of your total sales will go back to your account!


Fill Your Freezer

Fill Your Freezer is the newest of our fundraisers and quickly became a favorite.  You will have the opportunity to sell a number of different items to stock the freezer and earn ___% of your total sales!  All of the proceeds will go to your Cascade account.