Bingos will take place only at the Bingo Barn, this season (1107-33 St. NE)

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Bingo Coordinator :  Lindy Kennedy  -

Bingos are a fundraising opportunity for current members with payouts applied directly to their account. Reminder, you must be registered for the current swim season. If you choose NOT to sign up for bingos, that is also fine. Keep in mind we have over 45 bingos per season, and we need our members to volunteer for these shifts throughout the entire season to ensure this opportunity is successful! YOUR help is greatly appreciated and we are happy to support your account every time a shift is completed.

New this season! 

  1. Future release dates will be as follows; fall bingo's (October, November, December) will be released Sept. 15th, our winter bingo's (January, February, March) will be released October 13th and our spring bingo's (April, May, June) will be released January 12th, 2020 

  2. In an effort to allow for MORE members to benefit from bingo's, we will only allow for ONE member per family to initially sign up for each event. The Bingo Coordinator will monitor the sign ups, and if necessary, will release this restriction 10 days before a bingo date which will allow for one more family member to sign up (only if necessary). All members will be locked in to their bingo's 5 days before the date

  3. When you choose your job in JOB SIGNUP please be aware that you will stick to this role for the length of the event; as well, please do not assume "first come, first serve" for specific jobs. It is at the discretion of the BINGO COORDINATOR and/or CHAIR to determine who will be slotted into specific roles once they have consulted with the AGLC Advisor on shift

  4. If a member fails to comply with these basic rules, we will be following a TWO STRIKE rule. The first strike a written warning to the member (including the Bingo Coordinator and Club Manager) outlining any infraction. The second strike resulting in a ban of all bingo's for the current season. 

Shifts include ChairController, Money RunnerPaymasterVerifier and Sellers. If you are BRAND new to bingo, SELLER shifts are the easiest position to start with. Chair and Controller are typically reserved for those who have more experience with bingos. You must be 18 years or older to work a bingo, as per the AGLC rules. As usual, do not hesitate to contact the bingo coordinator if you have any questions regarding bingo shifts and their descriptions. 

SINGLE bingos will payout $75.00 towards your account.

DOUBLE bingos will payout $150.00 towards your account.

Reminder:  Bingo's are for registered competive members only (OW, JAG Blue & Gold, Jr & Sr Championship, and Jr & Sr Performance).

Payouts will be credited to member accounts by the 15th of the following month. For example, if you work 4 SINGLE shifts for the month of April, your account will be credited $300.00 by May 15th. Please note: THERE WILL BE NO CHEQUES WRITTEN FOR PAYOUTS. 

If you have friends or family members assist you with a bingo who do NOT belong to the club, these will be credits applied to your personal account. Feel free to talk to the Bingo Coordinator with any questions regarding this.

Bingos will be released in “seasons”. September bingos have already been released. "Fall" season will include October, November and December bingos and will be released on September 15. “Winter” season will include January, February and March bingos and will be released by October 13. The “Spring” season will include April, May and June bingos and be released by January 12. Once a bingo season is released, feel free to sign up for any that works with your schedule. A member-wide email will be sent to remind you of these openings closer to the dates provided above. 

*** Once you sign up for a bingo, please add this date and shift to your calendar. You will receive a reminder email from the Bingo Coordinator within the week of the bingo, but it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to show up to your assigned shift. Penalties for not showing up will be $225.00 for single shifts, and $450.00 for double shifts. AGLC rules declare that we must have all volunteers show up on time and ready to work! You must be 18 years or older the work at the Bingo Barn. Volunteers who repeatedly show up late or miss their shifts will be documented and restricted from bingos, at the Club management’s discretion. ***


#1:  You will receive an email the bingo coordinator announcing when BINGOS have been released; they will be released in THREE seasons throughout the year (FALL, WINTER, SPRING).  Please keep in mind that we have bingos until the end of June so if you don’t get in on the first attempt there will be many opportunities all season. Keep checking back as well as certain positions come available randomly. 

#2: When you want to sign up, simply log into your Cascade account. On the home page, look half way down the page and you will see two tabs under EVENTS, click on BINGO/OFFICIATING/OTHER.  There you will see the list of bingo's that have been posted. Some are evenings, some afternoons, and we also have DOUBLES – make sure you review the time of day they are offered and the length of time you are expected to stay (do NOT assume you will be allowed to leave early at a bingo shift) – does it fit your schedule? Then proceed to the next step…. 

#3: Click on the JOB SIGN UP  link on the bingo you are interested in signing up for.  

#4: Click on the job/position you want to sign up for and you will be prompted to enter your name.  Make sure to click SAVE and you should see your name attached to the position if you were successful. If you have a family member or friend OTHER THAN YOU doing the bingo (yes, you are allowed to do that) – please write THEIR name in the text box that comes up. Although your name will be attached to the bingo, it allows the coordinator to know who is actually going to show up. 

#5: ALL bingos are completed at the BINGO BARN in the NE,

ADDRESS: #10, 1107 33rd St NE, Calgary, Alberta T2A 6T2 (attached to the Army and Navy store)

#6: Please notify the bingo coordinator if you remove yourself from a bingo by emailing so we can find a replacement. You will be LOCKED into your bingo position within 7 days of the bingo. If you need to be removed, please contact the coordinator. 

The Bingo Coordinator is available via email or text, please contact her with any bingo questions or concerns.


Shifts are available for job sign-up under our home page Events listing.






8:30 AM

11:00 AM*


10:30 AM

3:30 PM*


4:30 PM

9:30 PM*

Late Night

9:00 PM

1:00 AM*

* please note, these end times are based on the BINGO running smoothly and on time.