Points Program
General Information

Cascade Swim Club Points Program is in place to ensure the workload required by our club to host swim meets is shared equally among our membership. It takes between 50-450 volunteers (depending on the level of meet) to run any one meet. The number of points required partially depends on the number of meets Cascade hosts during each season.

The program tracks your commitments with the club - providing you with the choice of how you spend your "points contribution" time. It is automated through our site and you will be able to check your points balance throughout the year.

2020-21 Points Requirements

Please refer to our 2019-20 Point Allocation chart below as a guideline and point of reference for what to expect in a "typical" season. 

Our 2020-21 point allocations will be updated once we have more information on the competition guidelines from both Swim Alberta and Swimming Canada. 2020-21 season Points calculations will reflect limited volunteer opportunities throughout the fall of 2020, and a January 2021 return to competition. 

Points are allocated per season, and must be completed during that period.  Points for the current swim season will be calculated after registration is complete.  For a list of meets Cascade will be hosting this year visit Hosted Meets on the menu.




Championship Jr & Sr

JAG Gold & Blue


Fall (Sep-Oct)





Fall Fundamentals

Oct 19





Speed Mini Pro

Oct 24


Speed & RMC

Oct 25-27





Winter (Nov-Feb)





Age Group Challenge

Dec 13-15





Trans Mountain Cup

Feb 22-23





Spring (Mar-Jun)





March Fundamentals

Mar 7





May Fundamentals

May 2-3        

CSI Mini Pro (LC)

Jun 4






Jun 5-7




















Point Opportunities

The majority of points are earned by hosting swim meets. There is some other work required that's not related to meets like silent auction planning, squad parent, and other ad hoc committees. As these opportunities become available throughout the year members will be notified.

How do I sign up for officiating?
When we are hosting a meet you will receive an email letting you know that the job sign up will open on a certain date and time. When the sign up is open you will log into your account and view the sign up on our home page under events. You just click on job sign up and pick a job that you are qualified to do. There are some jobs you don't require a qualification course to do and they are hospitality, heat sheet sales, access gate, medals and awards, heat sheet prep, meet set up, meet take down & video camera operation.

Non-Hosted Meets
You may have the opportunity to commit your time for non-hosted meets (a meet not hosted by Cascade) based on the needs of the host-club. Points for non-hosted meets are worth half as compared to Cascade hosted meets.

If there is a request from another club for officials, you will receive an email from the Cascade Office.  You may also reach out to the officials coordinator for a non-hosted meet to inquire about volunteering. Points will only be earned for jobs completed. It is completely at the hosting club's discretion whether you are posted to a job. You will know if you have been posted by checking their meet officials roster.

If you volunteer for a non-hosed meet ensure you communicate that your from the Cascade Swim Club.  The Officials coordinator, from the host club will provide the list to the Cascade Club officials coordinator and we will credit your account with the point(s).


Penalties for Points not Worked

In the event that you are not able to complete your points there will be a penalty of $100/point missed, charged to your account, at the end of each point season.

Cancellation of shifts within 48 hours of the session warm-up times (either AM or PM) require an approved & qualified (qualifications vary depending on the position for which you are signed up to work) substitute be found by the cancelling member. Failure to provide a suitable substitute within this 48 hour period will result in a financial penalty of $150 per shift.