Swim Gear

Each group has its own requirements for equipment. Please review the information page for your group to determine the equipment your swimmer requires. The Swim School and Competitive pages can be found under the Programs menu.

Team Aquatic Supplies

As a Cascade Member you automatically become a member of Team Aquatics Supplies (TAS) Shark Club which entitles you, family and friends to receive a 20% discount off regularly priced items at TAS.  We suggest you keep a copy of the card on your smartphone or carry a printed copy as club members need to be able to provide the card to receive the discount.

You can also shop online at our TEAM PORTAL. Use the Shark Card Password 
CAS050 to login and get your tema discount.

Be sure to download this years SHARK CARD (cards expire on August 31st each year) - you will need to show the Cascade Shark Card in-store when making purchases in order to receive the team discount. 

Team Aquatic Supplies has a store in Calgary and can be found at:

6115 3rd Street SE
Calgary, AB T2H 2L2

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Team Aquatic Supplies has been a long time sponsor of the Cascade Swim Cub. For over 20 years, Team Aquatic Supplies has been working with their customers to provide the best shopping experience and best value possible. They are constantly looking to improve; whether it’s finding new products or better pricing, they strive to be a leader in the aquatic retail business and to help our customers live happier, healthier lives. The staff at Team Aquatics know Cascade's equipment needs and can help direct you to the right type of supplies.

Team Gear

Cascade is sponsored by ARENA. We offer Cascade branded items for sale at our Club Office in the Repsol Sport Centre.  See below for a list of prices.

All Cascade Gear (if in stock) can be purchased in the office.


Item   Cost
Swim Suits  Female / Girls   $55 (SALE)
  Male Jammer / Boys $45 (SALE)
  Male Briefs / Boys $32 (SALE)

Parent's (Grey) 



Old Logo

New Logo



Swim Caps Arena Latex $5
  Arena Silicone $8 (SALE)
  Arena Molded $15 (SALE)


Track Suit        *size by jacket

Track Jacket

Track Pants



$40 (SALE)

$35 (SALE)

$10 (SALE)


Parka (None in stock)




$5 (SALE)

Toque   $5 (SALE)
Towels   $10 (SALE)
Toque/Towel Combo   $12 (SALE)
Cascade Arena Backpack   $70 (SALE)

Car Decal

Portable Phone Charger

Phone Card Holder





Replacement Access Card   $16


* Please note: Team gear purchases through the Cascade Office may be returned / exchanged if unworn and with tags intact within 14 days of purchase.