Our Vision, Our Mission & Our Values

The Cascade Way


The Cascade Swim Club has been serving the community of Calgary since 1968 originating as the Acadia Swim Club in the Acadia pool which is still operates out of today. Cascade merged with the South Y Barracudas in 1973 to then solidify ourselves in the community as the Cascade Swim Club which we are currently known as. In the forty-plus years that Cascade has been around thousands of young swimmers have stepped through on doors and on to the pool deck at one of our practices.

Cascade is a progressive, inclusive and dynamic club that has collectively more than 150 years of coaching experience around our pool deck.


We are Canadian Aquatic Leaders setting the standard for the pursuit of individual & team excellence.


We will lead the swimming community by providing superior skill development and competitive experiences while embracing long term athlete development.



        Respect for our coaches

        Respect for our facilities

        Respect for ourselves

        Respect for our sport

        Respect of our teammates


        Honesty & Loyalty


        Commitment to training

        Commitment to team

        Commitment managing your time

        Commitment to maintaining a balance between sport & life