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Semi-Final #2 Final day results of the final meet for Pratt and the Titans

Budapest, Hungary (16 November 2020) - In what turned out to be the Toronto Titans final day of racing in Hungary the Titans vowed...

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Semi-Final #2 Day 1 in Hungary for Cascade

Budapest, Hungary (15 November 2020) - Pretty exciting day for the Titans on the first day of the second semi-final in historic Budapest, Hungary....

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Day 2 of Match #9 for the Toronto Titans solidifies their playoff spot in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary (10 November) - The final match for the Titans of the ISL 2020 regular season was bright and early this morning for...

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Day 1 of Match #9 for the Titans in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary (09 November) - Another bright and early morning for everyone who was up and at ‘em today at 02:00AM!. The Toronto Titans...

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Day 2 of the Titans - International Swim League Match #7

Budapest, Hungary (08 November 2020) - One of the best thing you are seeing going on from these matches is the, “let’s play ball!”...

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Toronto Titans swim their third match with Cascade crew

Budapest, Hungary (06 November 2020) - Their third match was another exciting one and second meet in five days as well as their penultimate...

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Cascade swimmers make an impact on Toronto Titans second match of the ISL 2020

Budapest, Hungary (02 November 2020) - A great weekend of racing from across the Atlantic with the Cascade contingent representing the program quite well....

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More Cascade action with the ISL in Budapest!

Budapest, Hungary (25 October 2020) - Another good day for the Titans and for Cascade across the pond in the Buda Bubble as the...

By Cascade Office

Cascade make their ISL Toronto Titans debut

Budapest, Hungary (24 October 2020) - The International Swimming League had their first session of their third match today in the “Buda Bubble” and...

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