Ontario Junior International Day 2 Report

Cascade Swimming

15 December 2019 (TwoRonNo, ON) - Back in action on Day 2 after some big drops yesterday from the Calgary crew. Tonight we had the 200m butterfly, 100m backstroke, 400m freestyle, 50m freestyle, 200m breaststroke, and 50m butterfly. Cascade had swimmers in all events tonight with Ellie Maradyn and Kian Pratt in the “B” finals of the 200m butterfly, Ella Varga and Cole Pratt in the backstroke “A” final (Mat Cyr had made it in the back “B” final but scratched - more on that later!). In the 400m freestyle Mat Cyr was once again in the “A” final after a lifetime best of 3:56.45 and big Izzy Roth continued to fire things up with a huge drop in the 2Breast to go 2:31.84 in the morning (5 second PB!) and qualify 3rd for the final while Ellie Maradyn joined her after a strong 2:33.61.

On to the finals! First up was our 200m butterfly “Bravo” finalists with both Ellie Maradyn and Kian Pratt getting the night crackin’ for Cascade. Maradyn put down 2:19.94 in the prelims and made another drop from that at night moving to 6th in the “B” with a 2:19.14 swim. Kian Pratt came to the season with a best in the fly of 2:10.20, went 2:08.12 in the morning in Montreal before swimming 2:07.40 in prelims here at OJI. At night it was probably the best swum 200m butterfly of Kian’s young career: 28.50, 32.34, 32.64 and 32.84 for a 2:06.32 and 8th in the “B”. Kian also swam his best ever 400 in the morning today in 4:03.00.

First “Alpha” team finals came in in the backstroke events. In this 100m backstroke event Ella Varga had already put up a lifetime best of 1:01.38 in the prelims cracking that 1:02 barrier for the first time ever and qualifying 8th for the “A” final. In the prelims she was 30.25 & 31.13 which put her just a little off of the current top-3 (1:00.65). Ella is known to always step it up at night in the finals and tonight was no different as she got down to business out under 30 seconds for the very first time in her life ever 29.92 on the first 50m! Back in 31.01 she hit the wall in another new all-time lifetime best time of 1:00.93 and eighth place - less than 5/10ths of a second difference from bronze to 8th.

In the boys race Cole Pratt had put on a backstroke clinic for the masses in the morning with a 26.70 / 26.30 negative split to be the top qualifier in the event overall - two full seconds up on the field. Pratt’s underwater was solid but casual in the morning - at least on the front 50. The second half of the race in them morning set the standard and that was the standard that was followed at night in the finals the whole way through. Out in 24.98 to the feet (the 50 back was won the night before in 24.92!) - the underwater was in full-effect on the way out and way back with solid 14m+ breakouts on all walls. Back in 26.59 Cole hit the wall in 12th fastest time in the world this year so far by…anyone…all ages…51.57. It was a new Canadian NAG and the fastest time by any Canadian man this swimming season.

Mat Cyr qualified into the “B” final with a 57.98 swim but in the Christmas spirit Maty gave up his spot to someone less fortunate to concentrate on the 4Free - where he had crushed it under 4 minutes for the very first time this morning. As we mentioned it was a rock-solid 3:56 for 8th in the AM with a 1:56.7 / 1:59.7 outing. At night things got real. Mat steadily progressed up on the field from 8th, to 7th and then 6th and 1:55.45 at the halfway mark. Through the back end of the race Mat kept everyone in sight and at the 350m mark he turned on the afterburners and dropped a 27.9 last 50 - the 2nd fastest last 50 of anyone in the field. This, this ladies and gentleman all after the first day of the meet where poor little Maty had to swim the 400IM and 800 Free in prelims (going best times in both) then the 4IM again at night where he dropped 5 seconds again! Seeded 21st in the 4Free, up to 8th after prelims the final placing for Mat was 4th overall…#YearOfTheCyr continues.

In the 200 breast finals Cascade had two swimmers - the first time this weekend we have done that for the girls with both IzzyB and Ellie Maradyn swimming. Isabelle had already dropped nearly 5 seconds off of her personal best to go 2:31.84 in the morning and Ellie was right near her best with a 2:33.61. At night it was a battle of epic proportions with that field of young ladies - no quarter granted by any of these young amazons. Both Isabelle and Ellie were out much faster than they were in the morning with Izzy hitting 1:11 on the front 100 and Ellie not far behind in 1:13. The back half of the race was crazy with Isabelle holding on to the bronze right up to the very, very end before just getting out-touched at the wall! So, so close! A great swim nonetheless and another lifetime best for Roth in 2:31.47 for 4th. Ellie dropped again from morning to night swimming down to 2:32.41 for 6th place overall.

Prelims                    Finals

34.93                     34.19

38.14    1:13.07     37.69    1:11.88

38.71    1:51.78     39.23    1:51.11

40.06    2:31.84     40.36    2:31.47

That was all the races for Cascade on day 2 - plenty of action still to come on day 3 which is underway now!

The meet is being live-streamed all weekend long, both prelims and finals, and you can check in on live results through meet mobile or our website’s follow results link.