Edmonton Open - Day 1 Report

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07 February 2020 (Edmonton, AB) - The inaugural Edmonton Open put on this weekend by the Keyano Swim Club had a pretty great first night especially consider the amount of work the coaches had put the swimmers under over the last number of weeks. First session on Friday morning saw Camryn Dale qualifying for her first ever Junior National Championships as did Caeleb Gaine in the same event; Jake Serpico took down the Western Championships qualifying time in the 200IM;and Lydia Zielke made her first ever Championship time in the 50m freestyle.


The format of the event this weekend is: C-final, B-final, A-final and Super-final with only four swimmers in the “Super” competing prizes, cash and bragging rights!


First up was the 800m freestyle event for the men and Matt Cyr put down an emotional win for the crowd as he lead it from coast-to-coast-to-coast taking gold in a new lifetime best time of 8:36.20 with 4:16.7 / 4:19.5 splitting. Hayden Woodrow swam to 5th place overall dropping ten seconds to get to 8:54.99. Adam Conell cracked the 10 minute mark for the first time ever in 9:59.


The 100m breaststroke was next and more drama! First, in the girls, there was a no-show in the “C” final yet, yet!, our first alternate, Amelia Mayr was there - ready to go and they missed her. A bit of finagling and negotiating and what do you know? She got to swim it - in the “C” final of the boy’s 200m backstroke - didn’t matter though - that’s why there is the age-old saying, “All you need is a lane!” - just for circumstances like this! 1:28.81 in prelims - 1:26.82 at night. Addison Butler took down the club record in the boys 13-14 year-old category with a nw lifetime best of 1:08.54 which was his second time under the old club record (which was his) after a prelim swim of 1:08.93.


50m freestyle - the mad-dash-for-the-cash came next in the program and gave us our first set of “super” finalists - swimmers ranked in the top-4 after the prelims with both Payton Kelly and Liam Weaver making the grade. Kelly finished 4th but did it in lifetime best time fashion - cracking 27 seconds for the very first time in her life - 26.93. The boys 50m freestyle saw out tall tower of power, Liam Weaver, seeded first going into the big show. The “big show” didn’t disappoint while proving his metal up against boys 5 years his senior. Off the start - head just ever so shy of the 5m mark (that is the flags for all our non-swimming people!) and then he was gone; no breaths the entire length of the race and hand at the wall at 23.94 for the gold medal and cash prize!


The 200m individual medley came next with a number of solid swims leading up to the “Super” final where we had Cole Pratt representing along with two teammates, Matt Cyr and Jacob Serpico (Sir-Pea-Ko as they put it!). Jake was 2:14.83 this morning a nice best time and then 2:14.37 at night for another best. Matt Cyr was 2:13.14 for the bronze in his second race of the night - the first being his win in the 800m freestyle at the beginning of the night. Pratt swam 2:04.64 in the prelims with one of his fastest ever last 50m freestyle - 29.35 so the task handed to him tonight was to take it out in 55 seconds and then see what happens on the back end. Out in 55.77 at the 100m mark (fastest ever - and 6/10ths of a second under the men’s Canadian Record pace) then splitting 38.75 and 29.30 on the free for 2:03.82 to win.


The last event of the night was the 200m backstroke with plenty of “super” final action in store - three of the top-four women were ours and four of the four men wore the Cascade blue. Girls final featured Payton Kelly, Ella Varga and Ingrid Wilm - an experienced field no doubt! Our girls battled fierce and hard amongst each other with the lead between Varga and Wilm going back and forth three times before a winner was picked. In the end it came down to the last 50m with Ingrid closing hard like she did in the morning to take the win in 2:16.14 and Varga not far behind in 2:16.82. Payton went a best time in the morning in 2:22.63 finished fourth here tonight in 2:22.99. Our boys race was next, one-upping the girls with four in the water. Cole Pratt, Caleb Gaine, Kian Pratt and Jake Serpico. Jake was a personal best in the morning in 2:19.20 and then again at night for forth in 2:18.58. Caeleb did a huge personal best in the morning in 2:13.68 and was third tonight. Kian Pratt put up a new lifetime best in this event in 2:15.08. Cole was given he challenge to see if he could swim with any one parting of 50’s adding up to under 60 seconds (ie fifty number 1 & 3 or 2 & 4 - any combo) he didn’t quite meet the challenge but put down his fastest ever unrested swim 2:01.81 to take the win.


Women’s 800m freestyle closed the night for Cascade and for the session. Cascade had three swimmers in the top-10 heat with Karnika Sitolay, Liz Harper and Ellie Maradyn all in the water. Ellie Maradyn was all over this one as she jumped out to the lead from the gun and held on, gaining ground on the field with every 50, to win by 12 second on the field in 9:10.91 - 4:32.9 and 4:37.9 were her split times. Harper was 5th and Sitoly 10th.

More great racing to follow both tomorrow and Sunday.


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