Edmonton Open - Day 2 Results

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08 February 2020 (Edmonton, AB) - Liam Weaver stands nearly 6’7” and in the 100m freestyle he was out to prove a point after winning the 50m event last night. 54.99 in the prelims and then out in 25.5 here tonight in our first “Final Four” event - Weaver hit the wall second in a new lifetime best time of 53.96.


The 400IM - the QueenMaker / KingMaker event which crowns the best all-around swimmer in the pool saw Ellie Maradyn in our women’s final and Cole Pratt along with 14 year-old youngster Addison Butler in the men’s race. Maradyn was 5:06.40 in the prelims and then had a very solid race and finished in 5:01.22 for third. Ella Varga won the “A” final under the Olympic Trials cut in 5:02.70. Our men put on a dominant showing in this one. Cole Pratt was looking to get himself out in Canadian record pace on the front end - 2:02.81 in the National Record Split - here, like in the 200m event, he was just over that pace in 2:03.08 - 2/10ths over Canadian Record pace. Pratt was smooth and controlled on the breast before driving home hard on the free in a final time of 4:28.03 for the win. Butler was a personal best this morning by eight seconds - 4:56.37. In the final he had to contend with some pretty sharp older boys managing to get himself down and back in 4:48.60 for another new PB (16 second drop on the day) and an overall placing of 3rd - moving up one spot. 


Four ladies in the final of the 50m backstroke was a dominant display of Cascade backstroking prowess with Ingrid Wilm, Alex Butler, Payton Kelly and Kaitlyn Auch all representing. The prize on the roulette wheel, on top of club bragging rights of course, was cash-money for the top-3 finishers and, with that, “it was on, like donkey kong” between our four ladies. Check out IG post for the synchronized start of the race between our ladies. Ingrid crushed for the win in 28.72 while Alexandra Butler took silver in 29.85. Payton Kelly just missed the 30 second mark for third while Kaitlyn Auch went a 31.08 for 4th which was a personal best and just 2/10ths off of the senior nat (CSC) time. The men’s race saw Cole Pratt take his second race of the night in 26.09 just 2/10ths over his personal best.


Ellie Maradyn was committed to the deadly-double tonight first swimming the 400IM and then not long after having to get up in the 200m butterfly event. Maradyn was in the final-four again after her solid 2:27.87 in the prelims then worked her way back from 4th, to 3rd to…just 2/100ths of a second shy of second - 2:25.77 and 3rd overall only 18/100ths of a second over her lifetime best. The boys 200m butterfly saw Kian Pratt trying to get in on the money with his swim after finishing second last night in the 2 back but the race was a “Winner take all” leaving nothing in the way of prizes for number 2. 2:12.69 in prelims off of a 2:10.51 entry time and looking for prizes Pratt took it out pretty hard with the field in the super final, quicker by two seconds then the prelims, and managed to move up one spot from 4th to 3rd and swim a final time of 2:11.86.


Sasha Tyoschin made his final-four debut in the men’s 50m breaststroke after a 32.11 prelims swim - at night he tied for the bronze in 31.88 - nearly a four second drop from his entry time!


In the 400m freestyle event we had plenty of lead-up action with best times from a lot of swimmers: Corah Wilson made it a 5 second personal best in 4:42.83; Payton Kelly dropped 7 seconds to win the “A” final in 4:32.15; Roan Clifford got to 4:32.90 (16 second drop on the day); Addison dropped 7 seconds off of his lifetime best to hit 4:14.65; a little more than 1/2 second drop to go 4:18.01; Adam Connell a little more than 2.5 seconds in 4:20.10 and Jacob Windsor lopped three seconds off his best to go 4:28.10. In the final-four Kian Pratt had his second swim of the night racing for the prizes. A bit of change up strategy from the prelims to get himself to almost exactly the same time as the prelims in 4:14.68.


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