Winter Championships - Day 3

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08 March 2020 (Toronto, ON) - The third and final day of swimming for our quartet proved to be the very best of the bunch for the Cascade swimmers. 

All three last night, Cole Pratt, Ella Varga and Ingrid Wilm only had the 200m backstroke to contest after the morning where all three also had the 100m freestyle but opted to pass on it for the finals.

First up were our girls with Ella Varga qualifying top-seed overall in the morning and Ingrid Wilm in for second. Wilm was a solid 2:17.67 in the morning with a huge negative split of 1:10.1/1:07.5 while Varga put up her fastest in-season ever in 2:15.99.

Wilm - prelims


35.78    1:10.16

35.16    1:45.32

32.35    2:17.67

So, two very different strategies in this one for the final for our girls as Wilm took it out like a rockstar looking for the split of a lifetime and doing just that: 29.23 and 1:00.59 - only 1/10th of a second over her lifetime best time in the 100m backstroke (she’s ranked 14th all-time in Canada); that best time comes from way back when in 2017 of 1:00.46. Currently that 1:00.59 swim ranks her 67th in the world. In the 100m event earlier this week she finished fourth behind a slew of Olympic medalists in 1:01.35 and earlier in February at our own meet she hit out a 1:01.00. This was a fantastic way to finish off the Ontario Champs and nearly a second and a half better than she has ever gone unrested in the spring in the lead up to the trials event (1:01.89 in PSW in Feb of 2017). Ella Varga also finished off this meet in a fantastic way as she backed up a great 2:15 prelims swim in the morning by swimming a very strong overall race at night in the final.

Varga - prelims       Varga - finals

32.90                    32.08

34.28    1:07.18    33.91    1:05.99

34.96    1:41.14    34.54    1:40.53

33.85    2:15.99    34.06    2:14.59

Ella’s 2:14 is her second fastest ever 200m backstroke swim. The only time she has ever gone quicker was at Canadian World Trials a little less than a year ago is 2:13.63 and she had only been under 2:15 one other time previously and that was with her 2:13 at Trials. Interestingly, in the lead up to Trials in 2019 where had that lifetime best 200 she managed a 2:16.10 in the prep meets leading up to the event - she’s about a second and a half better than that right now!

Cole Pratt finally cracked the 2 minuted mark this season after dancing right around it a number of times earlier this year. Pratt, the men’s 25m (scm) Canadian record holder from December, was out looking to get down as close as he could to his own best time from a little less than a year ago (April 2019) - a time of 1:58.07. The fastest time by any Canadian so far this year was a 1:58.54 from Markus Thormeyer at the USport Canadian Championships - Markus is also the Canadian Record Holder from a time he did last summer in the finals in Gwangju at the World Championships - 1:56.91. Pratt who so far this season swam 2:00.12 in December, 2:00.19 at the February WTF in Calgary and 2:01.81 in Edmonton before training camp (all with varied strategies) really was looking to take this one for a rip - strategy he was given by coach Dave this time was out in 28 and then hold 29’s the rest of the way - nothing more than that.

Pratt - OWC 20     Pratt - Apr/19

28.83                   27.68 

29.71    58.54      30.26    57.94

30.41    1:28.95   30.26    1:28.20

29.91    1:58.86   29.87    1:58.07

The time for Pratt is the 19th fastest time in the world so far this 2019-2020 swim season and puts him just a fraction of a second behind the Canadian record Thormeyer as the top-2 in the country.

Next up for Cascade are the Alberta Provincials this coming weekend and then the Alberta Spring Championships starting the 20th of March - plenty of story still being written this Olympic year. 

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