Day 1 of Match #9 for the Titans in Budapest

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Budapest, Hungary (09 November) - Another bright and early morning for everyone who was up and at ‘em today at 02:00AM!. The Toronto Titans are in their last round robin match before the playoff rounds where the teams will be divided into two “conferences” one European and one North American - we kind of think the Titans will end up on the North American conference and Tokyo in the European but that likely won’t be confirmed for another day or two. For Titan faithful that probably means racing against the mighty Cali Condors, LA Current and the New York Breakers. It ought to be very interesting when these two sets of top teams get together - we’ve beaten New York already, had a tough one against LA but have yet to face Cali - this should be very interesting. 

Today’s results in the pool saw Cole in the 200m backstroke, the 4x100m Free Relay and the 4x100m Medley Relay - it was a number of hard efforts over the span of less than two hours.

“Cole has swum a PB in every single session so far (this is session #7 for Pratt),” said coach Dave. “The big thing is the ‘reliability’ in the racing and he is doing excellent work in this element and that kind of swimming is only made possible by showing up everyday for training - it doesn’t happen by accident.”

Cole’s 200m backstroke this morning was a slightly different strategy than his previous races: 1:52.41 for 6th splitting 26.64, 29.01, 28.65 and 28.11 - there descending 50’s after starting his 4th crack at the 200m back here in Budapest. His times now in the four meets for one of his strongest events (in order of competition date): 1:53.96, 1:51.95, 1:52.38, 1:52.41 - pretty darn consistent (he gets a bit of a soft pass on that first one as he was out of the pool for five days before final prep into the first match.

Coach Dave appreciates the intensity of the meet and the parity on the field amongst the competitors - making the preparation before  the event all that much more important. “What is evident is that once you are on the field of play it is anyone’s ball game and all you need is a lane - the wins and the podium finishes are coming from any lane.”

After the 200m backstroke up next was the freestyle relay where Cole ended up on the “B” team with Finlay Knox, Daniil Pasynkov and Mack Darragh. For the first time in any of these free relays Cole was put in the lead-out leg with a personal best time of 49.63 seconds from about a year ago. Here Cole split 23.47 and 25.01 for a new lifetime best of 48.48. The fastest he’d gone here in in the Buda was 48.69 from a flying start a few days ago so this was a big improvement - some of his strongest underwater work we’ve seen in forever. “The 100 free this morning was very promising for the events still to come tomorrow and for the prep into the semi-finals,” said Dave.

Interestingly enough Cole and team chose to come into this one and try and race at their best while knowing that their biggest challenge would come in the next showcase event - the playoffs or semi-finals as it were that will be the big test. “We’ll be swimming out after the meet tomorrow before taking our first (and only) day off since October 20th. It’ll be the semis where we see all this racing has brought Cole.”

Final thoughts from Coach Dave: “Racing is the highest form of training and we’re ready to take this one for a rip.”

Day 1 Team Standings Match #7

1. Energy Standard 300.5 points

2. Tokyo Frog Kings 235.0 points

3. Team Iron 183.5 points

4. Toronto Titans 155.0 points

MVP Points Match

Sarah Sjostrom - ENS (1st) 37.5 points

Lisa Bratton (12th) 14.5 points

Kelsey Wog (13th) 14.0 points

Kylie Masse (18th) 13.0 points

Anton McKee (21st) 12.0 points

Shayne Ryan (27th) 11.0 points

Michael Chadwick (32nd) 10.0 points

Finlay Knox (60th) 6.0 points

Cole Pratt (80th) 4.0 points

The Titans are streaming live on CBC online which you can check out here: or watch on your phone (CBC Sports of CBC Gem) or on Apple TV (CBC Gem).

The full schedule of what is being broadcast is available here:!

Complete results:

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