Semi-Final #2 Final day results of the final meet for Pratt and the Titans

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Budapest, Hungary (16 November 2020) - In what turned out to be the Toronto Titans final day of racing in Hungary the Titans vowed not to go down without a fight getting all Shakespearean in house by screaming out, “‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war!” Would it be enough to get by Team Iron who came into he day with a 2 point lead on the Titans - that was the big question.

First up for our Cole Pratt was the 100m backstroke an event that he has brought his best time down in steadily over this tournament swimming the event no less 8 times already - 51.27 being his fastest of the lot. Yesterday he led out the relay in 51.30 and was just over his best time in  25.06/26.24 which was just off of his 24.94/26.33 splits from earlier in November. In an incredible race for Cole he was out in 24.49 (best time in the 50 by a fair margin!) and back in 25.91 going, for him, an incredible 50.40 for 7th! A Canadian record by 2/10ths of a second that was a holdover from the “super-suit” era done back in 2009! Not only is that a Canadian record but it is the 48th fastest time in the world…ever! It is also a Cascade club record.

Coach Dave was happy with the performance for a number of reasons not least of which was the fact that, “the best swim of the season came to us in the last race on the last day of racing.” Notwithstanding that Cole was thrown into the 50m butterfly at the last minute the 100m backstroke was the last scheduled race. “This morning when we got to the pool we reviewed the tape from the 200 the day before,” Dave said, “and we saw right away that he was being killed off the wall because of the amplitude of some of those initial kicks.”

“We went to work on the tempo of the underwater and that was the focus during warmup,” said Cole; and it seems to have paid off in spades! “I was thinking he could get down to the 50.6-50.8 range so this was a bonus,” Dave added. “Every time he went to the blocks he had a very clear picture of where he wanted to be.”

“The men’s backstroke field in this league is one of, if not, the most competitive fields in the whole league. Almost every single player in the back events over the last five years is here competing - it’s been an incredible trial by fire learning experience for us.” For the last two days Cole was placed in the lane immediately beside the reigning Olympic champion, Ryan Murphy, in the back events. In the 100 today Murphy was 4th just 5/10ths ahead of Pratt in a field where all swimmers were separated by only 9/10ths. “You have to be adaptable and being able to adapt to what is going on around you, take feedback, make adjustments and then carry on is a tremendously valuable skill that needs to be developed over time and worked on at every opportunity.”

In the 50m butterfly, a last minute event addition for Cole, he had swum this event only once this season which had been the first time he had swum the event in four years - hitting out a 24.04. Today he dropped from that with some stellar underwater on the 2nd 25 getting down to a new PB of 23.71. He missed the men’s Canadian record in this one by 4/10ths of a second.

Overall a pretty solid meet and solid first season in the league for our Cole Pratt abley aided on by coach Dave and our regular massage therapist, Stephanie Coughlan, who has been with the team the entire time as well. The Cascade crew is slated to be back into town on Thursday where they will do a border quarantine as a part of the rapid entry program - submitting to probably their 20th or so COVID throat and nose swab test before getting back to work in the pool.

Toronto Titans Highlight Reel on Day 1

What did the Titans do? Pretty darn good. Finlay Knox cracked a 10 year-old Canadian record in the men’s 100m IM - 52.36. Also, the world’s junior record was broken today by the Cali Condors Eddie Wang in the 200m butterfly with a 1:49.86 when he finished second behind Tom Shields, LA Current, who broke the American record in 1:49.02. Caeleb Dressel broke the World’s record in the 100m individual medley in a time of 49.88. Cali and LA will go on to the final next weekend where they will be up against the reigning champions from last year, Energy Standard, and the always powerful London Roar. You can tune in on CBC once again for all the action.

Day 1 Team Standings Semi-Final #2

1. Cali Condors 605.5 points

2. LA Current 462.0points

3. Team Iron 340.5 points

4. Toronto Titans 303.0 points 

Omega Live Results

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