Halloween Howler - first meet of the season goes off without a hitch!

Cascade Office

16 October 2021 (Brooksfield YMCA at Seton) - First meet, first meet back in almost two years for a lot of swimmers and it was…fantastic!

What a showing for all - 357 swims in individual events and another 136 relay swims - nearly 500 in total! How many best times? Too many to count! How many first time swimmers and swims - so many and so many great memories.

The club trained a number of new officials as we prepped for the rest of the competitive season so thanks to everyone who came out to help with the meet - the meet could not have happened without your support. Next up for all our swimmers will be the mini pro at the end of October (Repsol) on Friday the 29th of October.

Until then check out our various social pages (twitter, Facebook and Instagram) for some photos from the meet.

Results can be viewed on both meet mobile and live results. The live results link can be viewed here.