ISL Playoffs: LA & Toronto 1st Match LA comes out of top

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ISL Playoffs: LA & Toronto 1st Match LA comes out of top

16 November 2021 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) - What a first match! Three different teams lead throughout the weekend as Toronto, London and finally LA took turns at pole position.

Cascade and Cascade training group swimmers put up some solid results with the highlight having to be Ingrid Wilm winning the 100m backstroke and mixed medley relay and as a part of the current - the entire match. Wilm won the 100m backstroke just off of her lifetime best in 55.78 ahead of not only the former world’s record holder but also the current world’s record holder! And  couple of other current and former World Champions too - quite an amazing field of women! Ingrid was also 4th in the 50m and 200m backstroke. 

Yuri Kisil had all sorts of swims this weekend (the single most he has ever had at an ISL competition): 50 free - 6th; 100 free - 7th; 200 free - 8th; 100IM - 8th; 4x100FR - 3rd;  4x100MR - 8th!

Cole Pratt as we saw sat out this first playoff match to protect his still healing up shoulder.

Next match for Toronto is on the 18th of November (Thursday this week) while LA has until the 20th before they are up again. This will be coming down to the wire as the two teams, and teammates, battle for a league final position.

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Here you can watch the clip of Ingrid's 100m backstroke: