Ingrid Wilm & the LA Current doing their best to secure the final spot for the ISL final in Eindhoven

Cascade Office

26 Nov 2021 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) - Can the LA Current come through in the clutch and make their way to the ISL finals here in season 3? Nothing will be final until this is match is done and then the Toronto Titans match starting on Saturday as that final 4th place spot is still up for grabs - like we said earlier whether it is Titans or LA - Cascade wins either way! How did the first day of the match go? Well, our “tordengudinnen,” Ingrid Wilm sure played her part last night on the first day of racing.

Wilm started things out in the 200m backstroke finishing a strong 3rd overall with a stellar 2:02.77 putting down some of her best ever spitting in 29.1, 31.6, 31.1, and 30.8. Next event for Ingrid was twenty minutes later where she was pulling anchor leg duties on women’s 4x100m freestyle relay. Her split - 53.83 - just about the fastest she has ever gone!

Less than one hour later came the next race for LA’s breakout swimmer of the year - this time the 50m backstroke and another podium finish in 26.44 for 3rd. The final race of the night came just twenty minutes later (again!) as Wilm set down to bash against the field in the medley relay. Ingrid put up the fastest time of the 8-woman field leading the way in 56.07. This has got to be the 20th or so 100m back she’s done this season!

Just in case you want an idea of what it is like competing on a schedule like Wilm’s - this was her evening last night:

7:13PM 200 Back

7:34PM 4x100 FR

8:23PM 50 Back

8:46PM 4x100 MR

Ingrid will be back in action again tonight (Black Friday ☠️) at 7PM local (or 11AM Calgary time) for day 2. Not only will she have her “bread & butter” event - the 100m backstroke - but get this…she’ll also have the backstroke skins! An event she cleaned up on back in Naples earlier in the fall - can she do it again? She’ll have the World’s record holder to contend against (London Roar’s Toussaint) but she has beaten her before. This is going to be epic so make sure you check out all the action.